new BMW 3 series Coupe

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Just more, and better, pictures of the new BMW Coupe.

it does look very nice and classy.

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  1. Side shots remind me of Flash Gordonesque ’60s/’70s art deco. Tailights still suck. Interior looks nice, if somewhat bland.

  2. seeing it in these pics it looks better, but my proble is that it doesnt look so good with those bottom wheels the 5 spokes on top make it look really good. and this looks nothing like a millenia, a car that mazda barely remembers….lol. why do people just invent things that cars look like

    and on a sidenote to vince those pics you got of that cadillac coupe with the grill are the cts, go to, it shows actual spy pics of the new cts..not bad

  3. this car looks a lot bigger than the last 3-series coupe, almost like the 6-series. Oh, and is it called the 4-series now?

  4. They still call it the 3 series.
    The new “base’ model for the US will be the 328.

    I showed a Cadillac coupe a while ago but it wasn’t the new CTS. You could see the whole body and it was a coupe with a super long hood. I beleive it was a clay model of an upcoming concept.

    The pics I posted from CBS where Bob Lutz shows the front end of a car, were indeed the new CTS.

    It looks really good. Now…
    But this is a 2008 model and the competition isn’t resting either…

  5. i meant to put did get a chance to see the actual car, on the carconnection they have spy pics of it testing. what do you think about the new design direction?

  6. I didn’t see the actual car. Jut the on CBS show.
    and the front end looks great. The interior is really nice.
    I posted that stuff last month, it should still be in the archives.
    And I think reliability has been really good on the CTS.
    The new one should be one of the best cars in the segment.

  7. yeah, im a bmw guy, but when you posted those pics, and i went to thecarconnection it seems they are improving i liked the looks of the last one but the inside was horrible, toyota would have passed that interior up for the camry(which is way nicer than the cts). but when you get a chance go to, and look at the actual car

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