New TT (Part 4)

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First they unveiled this stupid statue of a TT (“Over 10 meters long”).
Who cares… I don’t think anyone was there for that.
This was after about 45 minutes of speeches about how great Germany is….

Then, they had this quick movie.

And finally, the car.
But before they did, they even stole the bit from Colombo and Steve Jobs, the “one more thing” bit.
Like if these people all came from around the world to see that stupid statue, and the actual TT was just a “surprise” at the end.
Weird. And not as funny as Colombo, or as cool as Steve Jobs…

The car itself is fine. Just nothing special, like the 1st one was.

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  1. so the krauts were saying all day about how great their country is.
    it happened before you know

    let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again.
    i call for our h friend to the rescue

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