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Your guess is as good as mine on this one…

I don’t think this is a concept. It does look like a production model to me.
And even though the front seems really low, the detailing doesn’t seem to belong on a smaller model.
That would rule the next CTS out.

I think this is the big Cadillac they were mentioning a couple of years ago. Not really the Sixteen, but still something RWD and above the DTS.
I could really see Cadillac selling a $60 000 to $80 000 top of the line sedan to compete with the new Lexus LS.

Whatever it is, it does look good and expensive.
What a Cadillac should be…

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  1. this doesn’t look like a big caddy because if you look at where the center of the car is (the emblem) and where the person is standing, it just doesn’t look that wide….it might be related to that picture you put up a few days, maybe a week ago…seems like it might be a concept though. very interesting

  2. I would think it could be a concept version of the Cadillac CTS? Or I think I could be the four-door version of the Cadillac Sixteen Concept.

  3. Wow, that’s HOT :o)

    Let’s hope the interior is as good looking as the front grill.

    I can definitely see this Caddi in all the rappers’ and rich boomers’ cribs…

  4. I know the European BLS just came out, but its not that. I really hope this is RWD, and has a better interior than the CTS.

  5. i agree with some of the other posts, i dont think this is a big cadillac, the middle of the grill and the lights are way to close to be a full size sedan, this would be nice as the new cts(if the rest of the car looks as good as this part) and the interior doesnt look like a $10,000 car like the current cts does(comeon why is the 9-3 based bls much nicer on the inside)i dont understand why cadillac and gm focus so much on exterior design and have crappy interiors

  6. or maybe that coupe that caddy was making to compete with the bentley gt, and dont understand the constant references to rap and cadillacs, and the only cadillac in any music video(no matter the genre) is the escalade, and sometimes, but rarely the xlr.

  7. GM forums are currently in a fervor over this, saying it is definitely the new CTS.

    Me, I’m not totally sure.

    There are pictures and a video floating around of this CBS footage, and when they showed a part of the rear end, it look really high off the ground to be the CTS. From what was shown, the car seems to be very bulky, and chunky, and the huge grill leaves doubts in my mind this is the new CTS.

    The interior was also shown, and it looks incredible. I honestly think it may be the best interior GM has ever done.

    But then here is the problem. The only reason I doubt this is the new CTS is because the interior and exterior both eclipse any current Cadillac. The interior downright shames the XLR, and makes the new Escalade interior look sort of plain. The interior has a bit of resemblance to the new Lexus IS.

    If that really was a production model, I find it odd they would reveal such secretive information in such a public display. Then again, it’s not the first time GM has done this.

    Whatever this car is, it’s given some valuable information to the competition by partly being shown so early.

  8. I saw it on TV.
    This is the car that even though it was covered, looked like a coupe.
    On the picture you can see how the rear window almost goes all the way to the back.
    Almost like a hatch.
    And there is no bumper at all . So it is not a production car.
    I think it is a coupe concept they might show soon.

    Cadillac seems to want to come back into the coupe market, so they might test it before with a concept.

  9. The vertical grille is contemporary and I like the other touches. I think it’s a production model—bit like Mercedes showing the A-class early to get people used to the idea and shape.
       Let’s hope the quality is right and the interior a bit more harmonious so Caddy has a good chance of kicking some import butt.

  10. Gorgeous, now put more into them even if they need to charge a slight premium and beat eveyone else !

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