Solara dead after 2008…

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There is a death rumor floating around the Solara these days…

The Camry based coupe will be slightly revised for 2007.
With a new grille and LED tail lights among other things. And although you would think a move to the new 3.5 liter V6 would be automatic, the Solara might not even get it. (that’s a weird rumor if you ask me, since Toyota is saving $1000 on each 3.5 compared to the 3.3…)
But is might not be redesigned when the regular cycle is over, the 2009 Model year.
I just drove a Solara convertible a couple of weeks ago. And I thought it was a great car. Solid, quiet and a pleasure to drive.

Toyota is trying to come up with a car that would “attract a different demographic” but still based on the Camry.
My bet is on a new 2 door hardtop convertible with a new name.

By then, even the Sebring will have a hard top, and I don’t think Toyota would be far behind…

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  1. the Solara will likely be replaced by Toyota’s new sports car (Supra replacement) which is rumored to be a hardtop convertible and a fixed roof high performance version.

    it is very unlikely Toyota will have two similarly priced convertibles (Supra replacement + Solara redesign)in their line up.

  2. It is possible, since the Solara is a slow, soft-riding car aimed at mature drivers, while the Supra is hard, fast and aimed for younger drivers. They won’t eat into each others market share at all.

  3. Since it’s introduction, the Solara has single handedly made more money for Toyota than any other model in their lineup due to the fact that it is manufactured solely in the U.S. with all North American parts and is exclusive to the U.S. It has the highest profit margin over any other model due to it’s part content, size and high suggested retail price! Toyota would be foolhardy to let this profit maker out of their sights!!

  4. I worked at toyota for 7 years, now i’m with honda at the factory level. I’ll tell you from the inside, they cannot get a hanle on their engine sludge problems. they are now surfacing on the new avalon.

  5. This car is hideous. I’m glad that they won’t continue to blemish the roads any longer. Now that the quality is slipping, Toyota really needs to get its act together with their styling.

  6. As a Solara owner all I can say is that this car is the bargain of the century. It is quick, smooth, quiet and luxurious. In other words, a Lexus in Toyota clothing. We constantly recieve compliments from other drivers. I will be getting a new one this spring before they run out!

  7. I have a first generation solara which is attractive very comortable extremley reliable. the current car is ugly but the interior is great. I they could capture what they had when it was intoduced it wolud sell strong again.

  8. Anyone who thinks the current Solara is ugly needs to have their eyes examined. I plan to buy one next year,and I can’t wait!

  9. I am 68 and just bought a Solara convertible. I love it, and I get raves from people every day. It should last 10 years, and will still look great then.

  10. I own a 2005 Solara and have had it for two years. With that said, hardly a day goes by without a compliment on my car from total strangers. As far as mechanical issues, not a one. Outside from your normal wear and tear things ( brake pads) I have not had one problem.

  11. My 2004 Solara has a license plate frame from Lexus and people have actually asked if it is the newest Lexus. Wonderful car mechanically and in style.

  12. I have the 07 Solara, and I gotta admit to, just about every time I’ve stopped to get gas, someone has complimented me on my car. Its a nice design, and its rear doesnt sit so high up in the air like previous models. Its a lot less rigid and more rounded. Very quiet ride, and its definitely got enough speed for me, and I’m far from being a mature driver 😉

  13. TJS said: My 2004 Solara SE/Sport is a super car, and the glossy black finish gives it a thoroughly mean and masculin look. Great daily commuter and fun to drive. Not as fast as the ’94 Integra GSR I let go for it. But every bit as reliable and a lot more comfortable.

  14. I own a 2005 Solara and i love it it is by far my favorite. I get compliments all the time on it. I’ve owned 2 different Cougars, a 79 Camaro and 2 camry’s but i really love my Solara. I was surprised to see a “hate” mail in this blog. I think they are one of the most attractive cars on the road today.

  15. I love, love, love my 2000 Solara!
    If one performs the regular maintenance on it-you’ll have it with no problems at all!! I have 98,000 on it now. It has never left me abandoned on the side of the road like my Volvo 850 T5 did several times (and Mercedes, too). Please do yourself a favor and buy one.

  16. I have an ’06 Solara convertible, bought for my wife. She wasn’t comfortable driving a convertible, prefers her old Camry so it’s sitting in our garage with 370 miles on it. I drive it once in a while. Great car!

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