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Based on the small Brazilian Fox, the SpaceFox is a small minivan type version of the car.
It uses the same 1.6 Liter with 100hp, so it’s no GTI.

But the Fox is already on sale in Europe. And the SpaceFox might just follow.

Here, the geniuses at VW decided the best idea for a cheap VW in the US is a $16 000 3 year old design Golf…

Way to go.

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  1. Vince, you have VW dead to rights! In the US they want to be seen as an upscale automaker with prices to match. But in the rest of the world VW is still known as a value car company. Even the higher priced VW’s such as the Jetta and Passat are sold stripped in Europe. VW does not have a clue about the US market and that is why their market share here is down to 1.5%. It is a damn shame because if VW had more competitively priced autos along with with the smaller less expensive models which is now begining to become popular VW’s market share would be growing!

  2. one more time, all together:
    americans don’t want small foreign cars.

    our roads are wide and our gas is cheap

  3. VW is a has-been company in the U.S. It was great in the ’60s when it imported the original VW BUG. Ever since trying to go upscale, it seems to have lost its way. There’s really nothing compelling about any VW.

    Look at VW’s current car line: Jetta is nice, but not great looking, has 5 cylinders and 6 AT speeds, but doesn’t perform as well nor as economically as a Honda Accord that has 4 cylinders and 5 speeds in its AT. So, the VW is inefficient hype and little else.

    Then there’s the new Passat. Trying to look like a BMW isn’t BEING a BMW. Maybe someone should mention that to the marketing folks at VW.

    And the 8 year old “New’ Beetle isn’t new now–the only people who don’t look silly in a Beetle are teen aged girls.

    Seems that there’s been a steady stream of info about slick, small VWs that are excellent cars in Europe–not for the U.S., of course.

    I guess the GTI is finally here, but the GOLF is nearly old enough to vote–does anyone bother looking at those now?

    There must be some attraction to VW–probably among aging hippies who don’t know that any other cars exist.

    When I went car shopping in late 2003, I didn’t even look at a VW because there was no reason to do so at all. VW cars were and still are uninspired, overpriced, and have a lousy service record. What more could you want to ignore?

  4. If this makes it to Europe, I wonder where it will slot. It would have to go below Touran and Golf Plus. Probably it would have to rival the Opel Meriva (presumably it rivals the Chevrolet Meriva in Brazil).
       It does surprise me that the United States is still selling Golf IV when most of the world has the Golf V. If it were Ford, selling the C170 Focus as a budget-priced car, I can understand that. But at $16,000, Americans do not deserve last-generation technology.

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