2007 Cadillac Escalade EXT

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Quite a mouthfull.
For those who must have a Chevy pick up with a Cadillac log on it…

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  1. For those who must have a Chevy pick up with a Cadillac log on it…

    Is that like those people who must have a Toyota Camry with a Lexus logo on it?

  2. but there is a lexus lx470 that looks totally identical the landcruiser, the gx470 is the land cruiser in other countries, so whats your point johnson…….at least the escalade has a different dash, and much upgraded interior not a couple more pieces of leather here and there like the lexus, and in the case of the gx it looks exactly like the landcruiser in other countries, interior and exterior…..

  3. Don’t forget the Nissan Armada and the gussied up Infiniti QX56. Same truck, and the bonus for buying the Infiniti is that you get the equally miserable interior quality as the Nissan. Vince, please don’t rip on the Escalade EXT just because its American. Even the Avalanche has a better interior than the QX56, so why rip on the Escalade EXT just because it shares a lot with its corportate brethern.

  4. Pretty interesting how the entire rear of the passenger compartment flips open like that. This is a great niche market vehicle.

    What’s the niche?

    Retired building contractors who like to eat beans.

    Jokes aside, I don’t have huge problems with rebadging as long as companies can find enough buyers. Hey, if Cadillac can slather on some leather and real wood that look fake, and find real buyers who will pay $15k premium over cheaper Chevy version, more power to them.

    And shame on Nissan for creating possibly the ugliest SUV on earth with their Armada and QX56. People are buying neither because they’re both nasty.

    You would think that with the tremendous success they had selling both Pathfinder and its rebadged cousin QX4, they nailed down formula for successful rebadge. But I guess not.

  5. well at least cadillac realizes that a “premium” version of a cheaper car deserves a different interior and exterior design, and while the americans are trashed in this segment the navigator and the escalade are the only ones with different interior desighn. and badge engineering is slapping a different badge on basically an i dentical car—acura tsx, qx56, lx470, gx470, all rebadges—the escalade is platform engineering.

  6. You’re right.
    As rebadging goes, these are far from the worse.
    I actually almost like the new Escalade. I see alot of them around here and they don’t seem as obnoxious as the previous version.

  7. Oh come on now, everyone does badge and platform engineering to some degree, except that Toyota and Honda tend to do it less than most. GM is notorious for implementing a wide range of badge and platform engineering.

    The rear and sides of the new Escalade, Yukon, and Tahoe are all virtually identical. Heck, the Tahoe and Yukon have the exact same interior, with only slight differences in the front end. The Escalade goes a bit further with a different dash, and different front end.

    Yes, the Lexus LX470/Landcruiser is certainly badge engineering, and puts a negative light onto Lexus’ image. Let’s hope the replacement for the LX remedies this.

    But mentioning the GX being a Landcruiser in other countries is meaningless. The Holden Monaro in Australia is the Pontiac GTO here. Acura TSX is a Honda Accord in Europe. Plus, the GX compared to the Prado Landcruiser gets differentiated lights and grill, so it’s not any worse than the Yukon/Tahoe, except GX and Prado are not sold in the same countries.

    I don’t think I need to mention some of the worst GM badge engineering examples, like the “Chevy” Aveo, which is actually a Daewoo Kalos. It’s also a Suzuki Swift in Canada, and several other markets. In Mexico, it’s a Pontiac G3.

    The Chevy Cobalt, has a badge engineering clone of it called the Pontiac Pursuit in Canada, which is also the Pontiac G5 now in the US, and the Pontiac G4 in Mexico.

  8. On the topic of the Escalade, I prefer the outgoing model’s exterior styling. It was more “in your face”, and more bold.

    The new Escalade’s front end just seems too “soft”, IMO. But it seems like the softer styling is a sign of things to come in terms of Cadillac’s styling.

  9. badge engineering is badge engineering whether its toyota or not, and just because its sold in different countries means nothing at all it still is.

  10. Vince never said Toyota or Honda do not do rebadges. He was on the topic of escalade. If it was lexus LX470, he would have popped a similar comment.

    Anyways, I dont see the point to this truck. Its unsafe to have cargo hanging behind your seatback ready to fly into you with full force in suddenly becoming stationary. Europeans dont have these kinds of useless gas guzzling trucks. Americans have a lot to learn from Europeans.

  11. With this vehicle, you can transport a cow, butcher it in the back, hose off the blood, and grill the steaks on the engine block… ALL WITHOUT LEAVING THE COMFORT OF YOUR DRIVER’S SEAT

  12. Remember the What would Jesus Drive Campaign?

    Leave a World to your childen. Not a moon/hell like place.

    Try to ride a bicicle some day fat asses!

  13. I just love that gilette fusion razor commercial that Ryan Newman shaved the number 12 on all his pals , everytime Jimmy Johnson screams ” NEWMAN ” it gives me a hard-on !

  14. Jesus was a carpenter, so I’m guessin’ a GMC Sierra. But he did like to roll with a big posse, so maybe a 7 pax SUV like a Chevy Suburban.

  15. Driving one of these is like wearing a shirt that says “I have a small penis and I want everyone to know about it”

  16. Morons. When you pay my bills, you can tell me what to drive. Till then, shut it.

    And if commenting on something you can’t prove, like penis size, makes you feel better because you can’t afford this vehicle… then you’re the loser.

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