2007 Chrysler Sebring convertible

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Don’t be fooled by the thin roof camouflage. This is indeed a hardtop convertible just like the Pontiac G6.

This should be a really good looking car.
Engines will include the 2.7 Liter V6 from the current version as well as the 3.5 Liter V6 from the 300.

If they keep the price below the G6, this should be great…

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  1. All of the hardtop convertibles have similarly odd proportions in the rear, but this one is the worst.

    Details are not the only consideration when designing an automobile, but they often receive the most remarks. Things such as balance, stance, surface tension, etc. as well as proportions make an attractive automotive design. Chrysler will likely use details and (dear god I hate this word) bling to detract from its swollen haunches.

  2. As with most convertibles, they really need to look good with the top down. I think this one will appeal to me more when I see it sans roof.

  3. everytime i see this camoed up car all i can think about is this subie xt all i can pray is that they price it at 26k just a tad under the pontiac (sik) g6, and this will also kill the crossfire !

  4. Our last Sebring Convertible (and last Chrysler product EVER) spent 4 of the 8 months we had the car IN THE SHOP FOR REPAIRS.


    Would not go into reverse in the 1st month

    Had bad CV joints

    Had a creaky suspension

    Had a transmission go completely dead

    WE had the car less than 9 months and 13,000 miles before going back to good ole Honda. Honda has never left us straded like our two Chryslers over the years.

    I sure hope they aren’t as unreliable as they used to be.

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