2007 Euro Corolla

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Here are a couple more pictures of the next Corola for Europe testing.

It is pretty much similar to pictures I have been posting in the past few months.
We can’t really see anything more than in the previous photos.
It doesn’t seem to look as modern as the new Civic or other European cars.

We’ll see…

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  1. True, Vince. With all the comments from Toyota saying how the new Corolla went back to the drawing boards to make it more of a Civic-beater, delaying it by a year, I expected more. Sure, most of the tooling would have been done at that point, but if there was such an intent, I expected Toyota would have pushed the envelope more. Maybe the innovation is on the inside and in trim details?

  2. From the picture, it looks more like an oversized Yaris, or Vitz. Although Euro. Honda civic is too radical for Toyota management, the interior construction, materials, and design is a decade younger than previous best in class: Golf. Hence, I bet Toyota go back to the drawing board to upgrade the interior, not exterior, for more silver and woods.

  3. Corolla is localized. From what I see the european one will be a big hit there.

    It will look different in other areas.

  4. Oh what a darling little car. If it ever comes over here, the SUV-fearing old ladies will just gobble it up.

  5. Toyota vehicles are like shopping for generic food in those white cans. It’s not the best, it’s not the worst… but good enough to be the default choice for people who just don’t want to bother.

  6. MKK, I agree: Toyota is likely to use a “scaled-up Vitz” idea in the exterior design, given the current model’s looks, and the fact the Yaris has gone down reasonably well in most markets.

  7. “this company is lost”

    Welcome … we are living on the planet earth, and here we live by something called reality, which it seems you are not familiar with.

  8. Grab your johnson, and give your head a shake. On this planet, earth, Toyota has doubled it’s recalls in the past year and has major avalon problems aside from their sludge issues. Wecome to you and your johnson enjoy your stay!

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