2007 Euro Corolla

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Keep in mind, these are actual pictures of the car, not illustrations.
It seems to look much better than the sedan version.

But is it modern enough to compete in the European market?

More later, including “grainy” interior photos…

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  1. What if this was pictures of a clay model, rather than the final production car? Would you even be able to tell?

    But regarding the pics, the styling overall has some of the new Toyota DNA, and this is likely close to the production model hatch.

    Don’t forget how many Corolla variants exist worldwide, so it’s hard to say if any of these hint at the next North American Corolla.

  2. Anonymous said…
    the front emblem looks like the scion one
    perhaps we are looking at our next usdm scion Xa , cause that thing is getting so old and pretty ugly next to the Xb and Tc………

  3. I think that´s okay, the Civic might be more futuristic,but not everone wants that,and Toyotas were never bought for their style….

    So it will find its customers, cause it is like all (euro)corollas before: looking ok, not exciting, and reliable.

  4. thank god we can still get a good looking focus over this crap
    that’s the american adventage
    you can pick a good car if you want to .
    you don’t have to buy this foreign crap

  5. Yes the front emblem looks like Scion’s logo. The hatch would be good for Scion and the other trunk version would fit more in the Toyota brand.

  6. Toyota has many different emblems in Japan.
    Sometimes specific the car.
    This might be just that.

    I really do not think they will ever sell this in the US, even as a Scion.
    I have seen illustrations of the next Xa. This is not it…

  7. Did you hear? This just announced …ALL toyota yaris sold in N.America…RECALLED!!!. Only a steering malfunction…wake up you idiots,toyota is no different than kia

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