2007 Euro Corolla

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Another picture of what’s in store for Europe.

The character lines are still well hidden. But the shape doesn’t seem very original.
And the US version will be even more conservative, with a trunk.

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  1. If they throw a trunk on this ugly monster its gonna look like a versa 4 door with trunk, and say goodbye to good sales when no one will want an ugly car to drive around ! I truly cant stand any of the spy pics of this or see anything remotely nice about the new corolla, major fugly !!!

  2. Here’s what’s gonna happen: Scion will get the Euro version hatchback with a different name,etc…

    Toyota dealers get the normal cruddy trunk version,I’m sure.

  3. Why every single car company in this side of the Atlantic always think Americans wont buy into something cool and futuristic? When Japanese and VW keep sending us dorky looking vehicles, they are building affordable and sub-zero cars like Seat Leon, Ractis, Aygo, …. Damn those customs who constantly let criminals and illegal immigrants go, but keeping us from driving something cool.

  4. Those rims look nice, and how the heck can you tell it as being “conservative” when it’s a black car and black cladding, which gives maximum effectiveness in hiding shapes and character lines

  5. I think it looks really nice, actually, with the black cladding. The door handles look nice, the kink in the rear side window, the whole rear fascia, and the new-Civic like front side window looks good. Very unconservative, if you ask me. Unoriginal? Maybe, since it looks like they’re trying to copy the new Civic’s successful formula.

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