2007 Euro Corolla

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That already looks much better than previous illustrations.
There is hope.

But again, not for us. We’ll get a trunk…

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  1. Will we be getting a second gen matrix? Why not just slap the Matrix badge on this. Looks fine for US consumption.

  2. comeon man, that looks just like the vw golf, excusme rabbit (forgot the stupid new name) but seriously they look almost just a like…pretty sad toyota…pretty sad

  3. It looks mostly like the euro Focus with hints from the current Golf, Peugeot 207 and current gen Corolla, and also Citroen headlamps

    It’s not totally ugly and it’s not completly conservative; I guess that’s what we should expect from Toyota

  4. I kind of like it. It will do the job its intended to do and required to do; offer high-quality, affordable, economical, reliable, useful transportation for the masses (with a smidgen of style thrown in). Nothing wrong with using a winning formula.

    I see a bit of an Avalon in those headlights. More shots from different angles will tell more. Vince, you keep us as up-to-the-minute as anyone. Thanks.

  5. Get some glasses. This looks nothing like the butt ugly geriatric golf. Get a grip man. This looks like a Yaris.

  6. Attention Corolla fans: (and others)

    I just got a hold of some amazing Corolla pictures that include the Hatch and 2 versions of the sedan.
    All I can tell you is that the mystery front car from a couple of weeks ago was actually one of the sedan.
    Tell all your friends to drop whatever they are doing in the next few days and check this site. Over and over again…

    Lots of scoops to come….

  7. nice vw grill toyota, thats pretty original…….are they changing the name of this car to a rabbit in japanese

  8. i cant wait just post them
    but mind u the new 2007 avensis is coming tomorroy in madrid show
    so r u sure the sedan is not the avensis

  9. Get some glasses. This looks nothing like the butt ugly geriatric golf. Get a grip man. This looks like a Yaris.

    Opinions are like assholes. We all have ’em.

    Thanks for sharing yours with us.


  10. the front dont match with the other pictures(the spy pictures) you post here look at the letter t in the center.

  11. I didn’t know any one could pull it off. A Maxima and a Passat getting together. Hey! did Toyota hire some one from Geely? Some one call “Law and Order” because I can see the Chinese finger prints all the way here in the great US of A.

    Why create when you can clone.

  12. Sorry folks, that’s not what it will look like. I only wish it would look that good, there is no way that photo represents what we have been seeing in testing….

  13. I believe most of the comments are Americans’.

    This is European taste. Corolla cannot be sold there while Avensis is hot. It’s just their taste.

    It really looks like Yaris + VW Golf + Infiniti headlight. Will be hot there in Europe.

  14. I have pictures (although not great quality) of the real thing.
    I will post them soon.
    And I don’t think it looks great.
    the sedan looks horrible…

  15. Hey Vince……Don’t let the suspense build too much, let’s see the photos of the real thing.

    Great site by the way, I appreciate it.

  16. The overall shape seems accurate, but expect the details to be different, like the grill and headlights.

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