2007 Ford Edge

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Just a quick post with a cool interior shot of the new Ford Edge.
It does look very nice on this picture.
Let’s hope they do have different roof crash protection than in their truck line…

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  1. I like the Edge’s interior design, but the materials are just like the Fusion’s: just average. The new MKX, however, is another story!

  2. Stop picking on ford. In truth, how many people expect a few steel pillars will be able to hold up against over 10000 pounds of body weight and crash force combined? Regarding to the picture, however, I think Ford had spent too much money on Mazda, making their home SUV too ugly and cheap comparing to CX-7 and CX-9.

  3. I’m looking forward to driving the Edge. I like it’s styling much better than the organic Mazda. Still, I will probably be disappointed that it drives like a Taurus. Couple days ago drove my friend’s Jag S and it was no big deal.

  4. Most cars will NOT crush when you throw them on their roof.
    That is because they are laws against that. But not for trucks. I just wonder if Ford is getting away with it by calling the Edge a truck…

    I also drove an S Type for the 1st time a few weeks ago and I thought it drove great. The interior was very well made, everything did have a true luxury car feel to it.

  5. I wish all the stupid people defendign poorly designed SUV’s that crush and kill you would all crash their dumb SUV’s, roll over and die already! I’m tired of reading pathetic posts from pathetic people defending such bullshit!!! All cars AND trucks should be designed to withstand a rollover without killing it’s occupants!!!

  6. Some of these amateruish reviews are getting annoying. If you don’t like Fords, maybe someone else should comment on them. Backhanded compliments don’t count.

    New Ford trucks (as well as new trucks from every automaker) have stronger framework. Ones based on older designs are still designed with lower crash standards. Shocker!

    Anyway, the Edge looks nice so far. It’s just the right size for people who want a vehicle with the benefits of an SUV w/the fuel mileage and driveability of a car. If the interior is as nice as the Fusion, as most decent publications have indicated, it should be a hit.

  7. The truth of the matter is that some automobile manufacturers go above and beyond what’s required when it comes to safety, because they do what’s right…and it saves lives. Other manufacturers simply do what’s required by law because it’s saves money. Don’t know about you, but I’m going to pick an automobile that will save my life, not one that saved it’s maker some money.

  8. Ummm…I don’t drive/own an SUV. I drive a nice, fuel efficient, Honda Civic Hatchback. With the rear seats folded down it’s almost like having a small SUV, but, w/o the drawbacks of an SUV. But, if I had to have an SUV…I’d still pick one that has been designed to withstand a rollover crash. 🙂

  9. I looked at the Edge at a local auto show. I really liked the lines of the vehicle. Ford just might have something here. They really need a Home Run.

  10. If you want the most roadworthy vehicle available, you’re not choosing an SUV or a Honda Civic Hatchback.

  11. I do believe side impact air bags will be standard, and a long list of other safety features. Perhaps ford has learned some lessons from history?

    I saw this vehicle at the NAIAS and was impressed. This should be a home run for ford. Although, their comeback is taking much longer than it should have.

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