2007 Honda Element hybrid

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Honda is supposed to offer a hybrid version of the “revised” element for 2007.
That’s good news. And a perfect idea for the Element’s target audience.
The powertrain should be pretty similar to the one offered in the Civic Hybrid.

Meanwhile the new Fit is also scheduled to receive a hybrid option. This one from the Insight.

And where are the “big 3” in all this???

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  1. Well, Ford has the Escape hybrid.

    GM/DCX/and BMW are all sharing the new Duel-mode hybrid that will be for large sedans and SUVs and was developed mostly by GM much like the 6-speed that GM and Ford are currently using.

    The new Saturn Vue will have a hybrid model next year

    The Aura will have one too.

    The Malibu is set to have hybrid soon..

    The list goes on..

    That’s where the big three are.

  2. what do u mean the big 3??? As in like Chrysler Ford and GM??? what do they have ne thing to do with Honda Hybrids???

  3. The Escape has still a very limited production capacity.
    The Aura, Malibu and Fusion hybrid are not here yet.
    Nobody knows for sure when they will come out, if they ever will.
    And the Saturn Vue is in its last year of production. (before a redesign)

    Toyota and Honda are so far ahead of the competiton.
    The 3rs generation Prius will be out before most of these US Hybrids are actually on the market.
    (and they are talking about well over 70 mpg!)

    How could the US car makers let this happen.
    This reminds me of Henry Ford 2 who claimed in the 70’s that there was no future for smaller FWD cars.

    How can these guys be so late and out of touch with their own market…

  4. wait…
    i thought that Honda said it was the CR-V that was getting the hybrid powerplant and not the Element, right?

    and that the current speculation is that the hybrid powerplant will be introduced with the all new CR-V that is coming out…

  5. Wow, another over-priced hybrid that won’t get the MPG it’s maker claims. And it’s ugly to boot. I wonder how long this one will sit on the lot. All praise the – yawn – Great and Wonderful Honda (that is when you’re not praising the equally Great and Wonderful Toyota).

  6. Actually GM has been making hybrids longer than the japs – look at their hybrid buses that have been tooling around US cities before Toyota ever “created” the hybrid. And a hybrid makes more sense in something like a bus than in an economy car. If anyone was late to the hybrid party it was the japs, with their barely-more efficient, but more expensive hybrids.

  7. You know what… I think you’re right.
    it must be the CRV.

    one big lesson here kids: do not write and drink!

  8. The new Acura MDX is also expected to be offered in a Hybrid model, according to dealer accessory order sheets which specify a Hybrid model.

  9. GOD DAMN IT DOUCHEBAG! Which part of SHUT THE FUCK UP don’t you understand? I’m going to come over to your mama’s house and beat the shit out of you if you don’t shut up!

  10. Ok now update on the Hybrid MDX. Consider it dead. The Hybrid is a “Hybrid” configuration of the running boards. What a confusion!

  11. No, the Aura and the Fusion aren’t hybrids yet. But neither is the Element or CRV. I think the question should be directed towards the Big 3, but towards Europe and Korea. The Big 3 is doing just fine in the development of their hybrids. Ford is selling every Escape they can build, which should solidify Fords commitment to buile other hybrid variants. Researching other technology, like hydraulic pressure hybrids and ethanol is an area where the domestics are leading the charge.

    People are tired of doom and gloom comments and are more interested in thought out constructive criticism.

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