2007 Honda Stream

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Just like the CRV, a new Civic based Stream is due next year or so.

It is not sure yet if if it will make it to the US. (Some people at Honda really want to)
This illustration shows some similarities to the 2007 CRV, which kind of make some sense…

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  1. and with the current stream you can clearly see where the next usa crv d pillar and rear glass come from also vince capture that pic of the current stream and erase this post cause it didnt work, thnx

  2. Honda is making a BIG MISTAKE changing the basics of the CR-V, which have endured for 2 generations thus far and has proved to be highly successful for 10 years!! One of the big attractions to the CR-V is the 8.1 inches of ground clearance it has had all along making it a popular choice for people who live or travel in rural areas where dirt back roads exist! It is also extremely popular in the snowbelt regions of the U.S. for the exact same reason! A small 4 wheel drive ‘WAGON’ like the Toyota Matrix or the Pontiac Vibe just does not cut it in these areas because of it’s low ground clearance! I was able to cross a flooded road in New Hampshire a week ago with my 2005 CR-V because of it’s big ground clearance while other vehicles had to seek alternate routes! I chose the CR-V over the Element because of it’s 2 inches of additional clearance but now Honda is lowering the Element for 2007 even lower than before. Vince, I believe the 2007 CR-V will only have 5 inches of ground clearance. If this is the case they will loose thousands of customers a month to other name plates in the industry!

  3. Slick looking truck. But is it just me, or does the front clip of every vehicle lately resemble an electric razor?

  4. I don’t think Honda is making a mistake I just think they should be careful on the styling.
    In fact I think Honda is late with a car like that, because they are a lot of people out there who wan an all wheel drive wagon, but have no choice but to go with Audi (beautiful, but reliable electronic is rare). And their cars are expensive too.
    Next you have the BMW 3series which is so outrageously expensive.
    You could go for a magnum, but that hurst doesn’t sip gas, it drinks it. Maybe an ugly Subaru might seem logical which is the idea of a Honda makes a lot more sense.
    It is also good timing, because Alfa is coming.
    We all know Volvos are now too expensive and are very small package for the money.
    Did I mention VW? Hm…. That’s right I did already…..Audi.

  5. Anonymous said…
    1.sdcarnut- Most of your links are not viewable
    they are now ! check them out just above

  6. The Accord is the Euro model. Our TSX.
    And I have seen so many different Fit illustrations that I am getting a headache.
    I’ll post another one soon.

  7. Look at the front end! I see more than a passing resemblence to the new Mitsu Evo X that’s under development. Look at the headlights and the grill in the middle.

    I did a double take at first glance thinking Mitsu is already testing wagon versions?

    Either way, it looks alot better than the CR-V that’s out here now. I always thought the last and current CR-V had a “Rubbermaid” stamp somewhere on it, with all the plastic on the sides.

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