2007 infiniti G35

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I still find it a little hard to warm up to the new design…
I really was hoping for much more.
But Infiniti seems to concentrate in the less obvious. Like actually making a better car.

This is a “sport” model, so most cars will actually have wood trim inside. Which should warm things up a bit.

And of course, this will be, again, compared to the 3 series. But I think most owners actually don’t care that much.
They want a good, fast and reliable car for a pretty reasonable price. And that’s what they’ll get…

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  1. to be honest i wouldnt ever consider buying this car, i just dont think that it could beat my 3 series as an overall package, and i have a german car bias but i do think this car makes alot of sense, it is priced against a 325i and runs with 330i if not faster, and despite what everyone is saying i like the interior design, and at least the attemp to make the exterior more refined, I was somewhat dissapointed with the current 3 series especially horsepower figures in comparison with the competition, i think with time infiniti will get closer to bmw, if they dont decide to do alot better, and realize that staying #1, and the car that us german car fans are so loyal to means constant improvements and being better than the competition…horsepower and acceleration included.

  2. In 5 years ago, Nissan was so brave that it created exteriors that looks decades younger than its competitors, as what the French do for years. 5 years later, 9 percent profit ratio earned, it became conservative like Toyota and Honda. I bet the next BMW 7 series and X5 will be as conservative as possible too.

  3. the proportions are horrible, looks like an old persons car especially with the rear end. evn the new camry looks sportier and nicer than this,

  4. well they should have been conservative in the first place, bmws always have been conservative/tasteful, and business like they were never stare at me, flashy cars.

  5. New ’07 G35 Button Down Look
    I really like this car. I guess it appeals to me because it’s design doesn’t scream “notice me”. True the exterior styling is conservative but I’ll bet it looks much better in darker colors.


  6. I’m not ripping on the G35 here, but, this thing is to me as that new Volvo is to Vince. It looks the same. What is the point of a redesign if you aren’t going to change it???

  7. There are many things that are completely new with this G35. The engine is 80% re worked. HP has been bumped to over 300. The previous version sedan wasn’t the most AMAZING design but it was revolutionary with catemaran (did I spell that right) front and extremely good handling. This new model is not revolutionary, but evolutionary. They took what works and kept it, refined an interior that didn’t belong in a luxury marque into an upscale interior while keeping it simple and elegant. The previous G35 was outselling BMW in its last few years, I don’t think this car will have a problem doing the same if priced right.

    The coupe version of the new G35 will be coming out next year. The current one is still regarded as one of the best looking cars on the road today!

    Style, performance, reliabity for less money than lexus, bmw, or mercedes! It’s a good buy!


  8. ^good catch!

    Well, whatever final output they decide on, you know it’s going be higher than Lexus IS350’s 306bhp. lol

    But I’m not so sure about the VQ engine… I’ve driven them all and VQ isn’t as silky as the Toyota or Honda V6. I was hoping Nissan would stop tinkering with the VQ and just build something ground up.

    But who knows… If it is good enough for M35, then it can’t be all that bad.

  9. Hey VQ engine has been for something like 10 years in a row for one of the 10 best engines in the industry. It might not be as smooth as toyota but It will smoke toyota on a heart beat. And I own a toyota currently and trust me they have issues too.

  10. I’d rather get the current G35 instead of this one. The internal harddrive is pretty trick, but otherwise, its boring looking.

  11. I guess it would be best to see it in person. The current G35 looked better in real than in photos as well…


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