2007 Kia Amanti

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It might still be the most conservative looking car you can buy.
Even with a new front, rear, interior and a 3.8 Liter engine.

At least now the front end isn’t as offensive as before.
And after driving one a couple of years ago, I can tell you it is a pretty good car that doesn’t pretend to be anything but comfortable. And it seems solid and well made.

So if you can go past the look, the poor resale and want that Town Car feel for almost half the price…Why not?

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  1. Why does Kia insist on making the most garish, ugly vehicles available? It actually makes me angry that this vehicle will continue to litter the roads.

  2. I rented a 2006 Amanti recently. It was a pretty decent semi-luxury car but the fuel economy was inexcusably horrid. It said 18mpg on paper but it was more like 10-12, and the car was a few days out of the factory then. I got so tired of paying so much for the gas that I traded it in for a Chevrolet Cobalt, 34mpg.

  3. sure its the most conservative, if conservative means way to flashy, to much chrome, garrish desighn, and ugly

  4. Vince Burlapp said…
    I think the girls are an option.
    But no navigation in the US…
    why do the girls get lost easily ?

  5. Kia Amanti of a Chinese copy from the SODKFJHWEOIRUHSDFSDFKJH Joint-Venture car company? Its not especially good looking.

  6. The front still looks like a Mercedes, and now the rear looks like a Toyota Crown more than anything. I’d rather buy a Hyundai Azera than this thing.

  7. To me the front end looks like a Jag rip off and the rear looks like a Lincoln. The inside looks pretty sweet.

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