2007 Kia Amanti

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Just a few more shots of the revised large Kia.
Just remember that Kia is supposed to be the Sporty side of Hyundai when you look at these.

At least, the black interior replaces the acres of fake wood with a classy looking piano black finish.

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  1. The exterior proportions of this car are just all wrong…. I’ve felt that way from the beginning and this update does little to change that.

  2. this has always been the ugliest car whenever i do (which is not often,) see one of these cars on the road i always throw up in my mouth a little..

  3. Wow … so not only did they make the rear’s exterior look like a Toyota Crown, they also flat out copied the Crown’s interior, and threw in some Mercedes interior touches to finish it off.

    That front end looks horribly out of place on this car.

  4. This is 2006, right? In this day and age, it’s pretty amazing to see a car that looks as bad and as chintzy as this. Kia isn’t a startup or a struggling company with no R&D resources. Kia should be flush with money and able to hire designers with actual design skills. There is no excuse for an amateurish design like this.

  5. Are they afraid of building something that would be competitive with the Hyundai Azera? The way it looks now, it definitely won’t be stealing any sales from Hyundai LOL.

  6. This car is beautiful. I was planning on buying another SAAB 9-5 AERO, but I think that I shall wait a few months until the 2007 Amanti is available. I would like to know if ventilated (perforated) leather is available. The dash is much better looking than that on the Hyundai Azera. Hyundai’s dashboards are all very hard plastic and look very cheap to me.

  7. Whoa! This car is butt-ugly! The guy who designed this car must be Homer Simpson. Remember the episode when Homer designs a car for his long lost brother? Well, this Kia must be a real life case of that episode!

  8. A lot of cheap trash talk from those who have never driven this well built car. I rented a 2006 for one week last summer and it was one of the most luxurious and comfortable cars I have ever driven. Extremely quiet ride. The 2007 will certainly be a candidate to replace my towncar.

  9. Wow a great looking car from any and every angle. Looks better than the cars it mimmicks – Benz, Jag, Etc. A terrific car in every respect for about 31k? A bargain too. Ill take mine in Pearl.

  10. well first off its not fake wood and just to let you know if u have never driven one dont count it out I went from my lincoln to one and love it

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