2007 Mercedes C class

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Another shot of the next C class interior.
With a navigation system hidden in the top of the dash. Similar to what Mazda offers.
And it’s a good idea. That means you still have regular buttons for the stereo/air system.

And an interesting shot of the new one next to the current model.
We’ll know how good the car looks in September.

I can’t really say anything bad about this car, because :
-I haven’t seen it.
-The “Mercedes/BMW obsessed fan police” is watching.

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  1. Man, in that picture, the current C looks like it’s doing emergency braking… standing still. lol

    I always hated the current C’s design… which is just an originally squished version of the last generation S. But the new one looks pretty promising. If you remove the old C in the picture, you’d think it is a large sedan. In fact, it almost looks like the new S, which is a good thing.

    Love the retractable nav screen too. Who uses navigation all the time anyway? No point wasting precious center console space. And also, when you do use it, the screen is going to be located nice and high.

  2. i agree, i hate BMW’s idrive (pain in the ass) and now the system the new S-class is using. why do these automakers feel the need to eliminate buttons, such as radio/audio controls, etc, theyre not making anything easier, but just the opposite. and it doesnt even look better either! for example, the new s class dash is boring, and looks especially plain in the console area, it has like a fucking drawer in it: http://www.mbusa.com/models/gallery/index.do?modelCode=S550V

    lets hope the new c class doesnt go this way

  3. i dont see that many german fans, but a whole lot of crazed obsessed toyota and honda fans that think they are gods with four wheels that everyone copies, and can best cars that are in much higher brackets lol. but that screen looks huge, and i agree the current c class doesnt really do anything for me, and this probably wont either.

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