2007 Mercedes C class

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Just a couple more pictures taken on a French freeway.
It really doesn’t look like much on these photos.
But once the camouflage comes off it should be much more interesting. And much closer to a small S class.
It always does….

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  1. thats the amg version you can tell by the quad exhaust, anyone know how much horsepower it will have???

  2. Maybe this will be a real 3-series, CTS, Lexus IS, G35 competitor finally. From the design renderings I’ve seen, the new C-class has the looks.

  3. 2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. The C63 will adopt AMG’s new 503-hp naturally aspirated V-8 engine. The less powerful C350, C280, and C230 will share most of this AMG’s sheetmetal.

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