2007 Mercedes CL

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Just like clockwork, after a new S class comes a new CL.
It should even be better looking than the sedan. And cost more too.

This new picture shows quite a bit less camouflage than before.
Expect more around the Paris Auto Show in September…

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  1. These plush wagons are starting to look alike. This could be a Jaguar. It has all the same styling from the rear. I’m not much a fan of expensive cars. I’ll never buy one, so why should I car what they come up with.

  2. Has MB sold any of the current version of the CL? I see SLs all over the place, but only a handful of CLs in the past several years. If I were in the market for a $100k car, the CL wouldn’t even be a consideration. Seems that it sells only the the Rapper crowd or the Boca crowd.

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