2007 Mercury Mariner

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Just like the Escape, the mariner will be seriously revised for 2007.
New front, rear and interior. And maybe even a new engine, why not…
But also like the Escape, it’s not all new.

Let’s hope they produce more hybrids. And lower the price while they’re at it.
At over $29 000 base it is definitely not such a good deal.

In related news, Ford just announced a $1000 price drop on the 2007 Escape.

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  1. I dont like it, the front looks too cartoonish…oh well, i would never waste my money on that anyways!

  2. No. This one is much more upright.
    I’m pretty sure the other one is a car, not an SUV. It is much lower than this…

  3. Poor Mazda… CX-7 and CX-9 have some style… can only cringe at the though of what the facelifted version of the Tribute will and up looking like after seeing this and the Escape…. they need to find a way out of that manufacturing contract…. of course the new design head at Mazda is the guy that supposedly penned the Escape so I’m sure he would disagree.

  4. The only division in the Ford family that has any design sense and style is Mazda!!! All the other factions use inexperienced interns to attempt to makeover a hopeless design from the start anyway! Ford’s trucks and Volvo’s cars are a fine example of their creative talents! Americans will buy anything! These designs would never sell in other countries! Australian Fords are 100% better looking than anything sold here!

  5. More chrome slabs-I don’t really hate them but Ford is using them far too much on their new SUVs.

    Where’s the “new” Mountaineer?

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