2007 Mitsubishi Lancer/Evo X

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This looks like it might just be a production version of last year’s prptotype.
The headlights seem a bit different, less show car.
We’ll see.

What do you think?

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  1. well here is the concepts headlamp unit and here is the body of the concept and looks like a different hood body2 and the lose of the door charecter line body3

    body4 so after seeing the concepts pics and this new pic u have i saw its the production version cause you can see alot of difference’s…

  2. ok im wrong and proudly admit it, lol, that pic is still the prototype, after looking at all 5 pics 100 times there are no difference’s. what do you guys and gals think ? please note any differences you may see !

  3. You’re right.
    I don’t see much changes from the pictures you have.
    Would they actually produce the design without any changes? At least for the Evo?
    Why the black tape on the side?

  4. true the black tape thru me off also, and it looks to be hiding the side charecter line, and if they were smart they would not change one thing when bringing it to production, but the mirrors are the same the chrome strip up the windshield is still there and the one line i guarantee will be different is the line above the headlamps going over to the grille is too complicated to stamp for production.

  5. whatever Mitsubishi decides, they need to produce this car and bring it to teh US if they want to stay in the game. Mitsu needs help in the US big time

  6. This is a production version, just take a looks at the blk & white photo and the link below. The hood on the the production version is missing the grill that goes across it.

    I also hope the new Outlander will raise the company out of the mud.

    There is also talk of bringing their Micro car that begins w/ the letter I to the states. I just cant think of the name. Also what would be cool is to bring the Pajero mini to the states!!!!

  7. lancer is good. but how will the regular lancer look like??? i hope it will look more radical with ralliart/evo accents. any information on basic engines for developing countries? to all mitsu fans! please research on the facelifted pajero! thanks

  8. Huh? I don’t see what you guys see. Out of all of the pics, I don’t see ANY difference in the supposed production version from the concept. Seems to me all of the pics ARE of the concept, no formal pics of the production model has surfaced yet.

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