2007 Pontiac G6 Convertible

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Yes, I know.. 2007.

From these pictures it doesn’t look any different from the ‘current” 2006 model on sale now.
I hear all V6 engines for the G6 will be the 3.6Liter in 2007.
So I would guess this one has it as well.
But the interior doesn’t seem upgraded. it still doesn’t have the “new” radio controls most GM cars now have.
Anyone noticing anything new???

The 2006 model year must be a pretty small one for the convertible…

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  1. Fugly. Nothing New. Nothing exciting. If anything, only the price will draw people to it (a la PT Cruiser Convertible)


  2. I am totally not a GM or Pontiac fan, but, I really think the G6 family…coupe/sedan/conv are pretty attractive for an american product. Not really exciting, but descently attractive.

  3. Just like on the sedan, the wood trim is cheap and very out of place. Pontiac’s goal is “driving excitement” and spoty intentions. Why cheapen the interior with plastic wood trim? GM has proven they can build a quality interior with the new Impala, Monte Carlo. Even the Grand Prix has a decent interior. Ditch the wood and replace it with bushed aluminum.

  4. Pontiac has gotten much better in terms of looks compared to a few years ago. I think once they study
    how well the new Saturn/Opels sell, GM will try to aim to please.

  5. Much better than the biggest competitor to it currently, the Chrysler Sebring convertible (or the Toyota Solara for that matter).

  6. The Sebring is new very soon.
    And I recently drove a Solara convertible.
    I have to say, wether you like the design or not, it is a pretty amazing car for the price.

  7. I’m a G? owner (Yes it’s me Vince) and this car with the 3.6L will be amazing. The only thing I really miss on this car is a manual transmission but it’s now available on the GTP trim. Nicer materials on the interior would be appreciated as well.

  8. A 6 speed auto will be available for 2007. But not with aevery engine choice.
    And I don’t think the convertible gets the 3.6 Liter.
    At least not right away…

    It is a good looking car and even better looking as a convertible.

  9. Having just seen this at an auto show, the interior design isn’t bad, it’s the materials. The center console inexplicably feels really cheap, as do the door materials (and the aforementioned fake wood). If they upgraded these three things, the interior could be competitive…

  10. The fake wood veneer looks cheap and is a deal killer for any car purchase. If it’s not real, then piano black or aluminum please. And some other details, like the corporate radio design is very low-tech. However, the car is fun to drive. I’ve driven the sedan and love it. The style might be a tad generic, but one could also say that the looks are smart and understated. The convertible will be a hit if Pontiac can somehow up the fun factor a bit… without garish plastic cladding.

  11. Credit GM for bringing an affordable folding hardtop convertible to market. I haven’t seen everyone’s darlings, Toyota, Nissan and Honda, make a similar contribution.

  12. There will be no GTP Convertible for 2007 and even as a 2006 they are rare. Anyone hear the word “Instant Collectable?” Only automatic is available on the GTP Convertible. For 2007 the convertible will not be offered with the new top of the line engine because of problems fitting it into the design. No big loss though as the better torque current engine on this year’s GTP can be had in the unique sports package for the 2007 convertible. (3.9 liters).

  13. Actually that “fake” wood is not all that bad. You can order your interior without it but in looking at the brushed aluminum or whatever it is I personally think the wood look is superior. It is not overdone and as a multiple Mercedes owner with oceans of real wood trim in both my ML and E Class it looks just as good. The real wood is so polished today it looks fake anyway.

  14. Just saw one of those “rare” GTP Convertibles on tonight’s finale of The Apprentice. Demand is sure to outstrip supply, especially for the GTP model. Apparently unless a dealer already has an allocation it is already too late to order a 2006 GTP Convertible. With no GTP badged convertibles being offered for 2007 I would say the word is more like “Instant Classic” for anyone who has already been lucky enough to snag one.

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