2007 Subaru Outback

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  1. Subarus head designer is the same guy that Fuji Heavy Industries hired in 1978 to style their new Subaru cars!!!!! IT SHOWS!!!!

  2. Have another nutter butter peanut butter sandwich cookie!!!!!! Fuji Heavy Industries have gone ‘Lite’ and ‘soft’ on this update!!! It’s a shame they didn’t get a chance to adapt this platform as a SAAB!!! It would have looked 100% better than this rendering!!! Once again, money well spent!!!!

  3. Anonymous said…
    the outback is the ultimate dyke car!!
    wrong ! since ya wanna sterotype so badly, the title of that would be the forester !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is like stating that the VW bug convertible is a girl car, so the fuck what ! what is your point ???

  4. ahh ok and please dont buy a vw convertible either, would hate to see your poor self image destroyed !

  5. Subaru is on a successful path. This refresh looks good and will appeal to most anyone…dyke or not. It’s all about heritage…yes there is strond similarities but there are enough new goodies to make anyone want to check it out.

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