2007 Toyota Corolla.

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This is the first picture of the new Corolla for 2007.
It might be a Japanese version of the sedan.
But it should be very very close to the one we’ll get in the US.
The current Asian sedan and the US model are almost the same cars, except for the lights and some details.
And this is really nothing special. It even seem more boring than the current one.
A big disappointment.

No words on US engines yet. The rest of the world will get a choice of 1.5 Liter and 1.8 Liter.

I will post much more soon. Keep checking…

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  1. Yeah, that’s boring. There is very little Toyota identity to it if any at all. Front end reminds me of a Mercury Mystique. Kinda.

    Maybe bland is the new black.

  2. what did you expect you idiot!
    it’s a corrola!

    if you want something good looking get a cobalt or a focus

  3. Is this that mystery front end you posted a few weeks back that most people guessed was a Scion and some thought was a Mercury?

  4. Looks similar to a Mercury Milan. Just with the typical Toyota twist that takes away any style.

    Yes, I said it! A Mercury looks better than a Toyota!

  5. I don’t think we will ever see an exciting looking Corolla sedan. I was hoping that they would give us a daring Corolla hatchback, it does not seem that will ever happen…..

  6. Toyota is still not concerned with the good looks. But from reliability point of view, you cannot compare Corolla with the offsprings from GM or Ford. I owned 2 GM cars – Money pits.

  7. I am 99% sure this is accurate. But the US version might still be a bit different. (let’s hope)

  8. So VW copies the existing Corolla for their new Jetta, and now Toyota copies the new Jetta for their next Corolla? Are we stuck in a circular reference?

  9. It looks extremely similar to an old man’s left butt cheek… or right… or both… either one cause their both just as ugly… Gawd.

  10. Now that is one really boring design….
    Although toyotas were never exciting, that would be a huge diapointment. If the name can compensate for that?i doubt,but that´s me
    It just looks so slow, a car for retired people…
    (btw. reminds me of the Honda Fit/Jazz sedan they sell in some asian countries)

  11. adidas crosscountry said…

    Looks similar to a Mercury Milan.

    That’s the one I was thinking of when I typed Mystique.

    I’m getting old.

  12. I highly doubt the US sedan will look like that, or if any of the new Corolla variants will look like that. The new Corolla has been confirmed to have styling cues from the Yaris and new Camry, and this does not. This has a lot of styling cues from the current aging Avensis and the current old Corolla.

    Do not forget that there are over a dozen variants of the Corolla available worldwide.

    As already mentioned, this rendering of the Corolla does not have the new “vibrant clarity” design DNA.

    This rendering, to me seems to hint at what the Corolla *would have* looked like, had Toyota not decided to make its styling more radical.

    Lastly, this pic does not match the spyshots

  13. This is not a renderning.
    This is a B& W picture that was taken in Japan, indoors.
    then color was added later.
    But this is a picture not an illustration.

  14. Most likely then, this is the JDM or ASEAN Corolla. Even then, I can see several details missing, especially if it was b & w, and colour added later.

    Too many things don’t make sense for this to be close to the US model car. More pictures are needed, such as high quality colour shots.

    Not a lot can be said from these.

  15. When you look at the improvement of the Yaris over the echo, especially the sedan, and look at the new Camry and what they put into it. As important as the Corolla is to Toyota and with the hot competition from Honda, Mazda, even Hyundai, there is NO way they would put out a Corolla that looks like that. That may be a photo of a Toyota Corolla something but not a US ’07, no way.

  16. Corolla JDM is “Unique”.

    It’s the best selling sedan for decades. They did very great for a super conservative style for JDM.

    American and Asian version will be more stylish.

  17. blacklaser vince I visit your website more than 5 times everyday. and you post here a corolla spy picture who looks like new yaris. I think this is the 2008 corolla. ( not the picture of the euro rolla)the toyota maybe looks like they want better competition to the new civic, and maybe this is why the delay. the 2007 model is just a facelift, to call the attention. I have a corolla xrs. good car for the money.

  18. This car is for Japan only… The model that Europe, Australia and US get will be on a RAV4 platform meaning alot bigger, alot more stylish and will be moving up a class to get the Focus, Astra and Golf head on.

  19. wow… stop ragging on the poor Corolla! there’s a reason why people buy the Corolla instead of sexier cars- reliability. Cars like the Mazda 3 and Cobalt look good at first, but you’ll realize after a couple of years that you’ve screwed yourself. There is no need for a Corolla to be sexy, previous versions aren’t, but that didn’t stop millions from being sold.

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