2007 Toyota Euro Corolla.

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I think this picture is a fake.
But it does match the prototypes that have been caught driving around…

The license plate is an old style European plate, so that part doesn’t make any sense.

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  1. If that’s the new Euro/JDM Corolla, Toyota is in a heap of trouble……That car looks horrible. I read on another site that Toyota bosses were not impressed with the new design after seeing the new Euro Civic, they have since asked the designers to come up with something else, thus delaying the new Corolla.

  2. I think (or let´s say: hope) that is the design that has been rejected. But it would meet with the pictures. Anyway, that is a seriously ugly car we see, could ruin much of Toyotas good image, especially if they drop the name Corolla as well in europe (rumours have been around).
    Let´s hope everything turns out better.

  3. “old style european plate”
    What are you on??? All European countries have their own type of number plate. On top of that if ur refering to the Little blue EU thing which some have on the left hand side, it’s not compulsory, and only some countries use it. Looks like a french plate if i’m not mistaken?

  4. I wouldn’t worry to much about this car coming to the US. This looks like the current Corrola in Europe and Japan. Look for YOTA to do the same thing they did with the us Camry.. lower the roofline, more edgy styling, and jump into the HP wars.

  5. Nope…..as it turned out (dec. 06) this is in fact exactly the new corolla…..absolutely no differences between this pic and the finished product…..wow, your assumptions were so so wrong….

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