Alfa is back next year!

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Alfa Romeo CEO Sergio Marchionne announced yesterday the return of the brand in the US for 2007.
That is great news for everyone who loves cars!

Their new models all look great. With much improved reliability. Especially compared to the old ones, sold here decades ago…
The new 159 Sedan and wagons, as well as the Brera and Brera Spider are obvious candidates for our market.

The sedan is sized in between Audi’s A4 and A6 models. Engine choices include a 2.2 Liter with 185hp or a 3.2 Liter V6 with 260hp.
That is very similar to what everyone else is offering over here.

In Europe, these cars seem to be a bit cheaper than similar Audi models. Which would be a good pricing policy over here too.

there can never be too many good looking cars in the streets…

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  1. if they can prove to me they arent the same old italian lemons they were, give a good warranty, and good quality they have a new customer.

  2. does alfa have a larger flagship model, that is bigger than the sedan pictured??? and did they say which alfas are coming.

  3. Oh come on…could they be any worse than GM, Ford or Chrysler??? Bring me an Alfa!!! This is fantastic news! I wonder how long it is till the big 3 are losing market share to Alfa…

  4. To anonymous No.2:
    Yep, they have a flagship, the 166, but with the new “midsized” 159 beeing about the same size and obviously far more modern, it´s just existing in the pricelists, no more than that (though it is a nice car and still has the old very nice true Alfa V6).

    And its the 159, the Brera (plus Spyder) and the 8C Spyder (not on sale yet, based on Maserati) which will make it to the US. Best news about that is that the 8C is really making it into production!!

  5. The 159 sedan is a gorgeous euro-alternative to the usual BMW and Mercedes offerings, as well as the bland, boring and completely soul-less cars from Lexus, Infiniti and Acura. And has anyone seen it’s funky key? It’s funky.

  6. The larger 166 is supposed to be replaced next year.
    So that new large sedan might end up over here as well.
    But they also announced that the cars will be sold through Maserati dealers in the US.
    And I don’t think there are that many of these guys around. And if they are able to handle a much larger sale number than the few Maseratis they are selling now…

    Under the old GM agreement, Alfas were going to be sold through Saab dealers. That would heve been much better…

  7. the only other i would consider trading my bmw in for, that 159 and brera look really good, i bet they will be more exclusive than the other cars also. anyone know the price ranges on these cars???

  8. I’m tired of someone sayign GM should buy them or this one or that one….. when GM has NO MONEY!

    u idiot 🙂

  9. That’s a good question.
    I am not sure about Canada.
    I don’t even know if they distribute Maserati in Canada.(Do they?) if they do, I guess they could do the same thing as in the US.

  10. Every time I see one of these owlface-mobiles on the street, I’m just going to laugh. It’s too bad, because otherwise they look very nice. But hey, if it quacks like an owl…

  11. Vince, the 166 replacement will be quite a different car, itßs said to be a 4 door coupe (kind of fastback) based on the Maserati Quattroporte with RWD and AWD option as well as V8 engine. These specs let me doubt that it will come very soon (if at all.If the US export is not a big success, Alfa will definetly NOT Have the money for such a flagship), but for sure not next year.
    Sales of other big european, non german sedans let me doubt anyway if that car makes sense (though i love Alfa)

  12. actually i think the stupidity and ignorrance lies in your court…..the gm fiat deal was awhile ago and was one of the contributing factors in gms poor financial situation. What was gm should have bought alfa, gm was on its way in the deal to buy fiat before the whole deal went sour, and gm wanted to back out. some new fiats are the result of this deal as is that new small suzuki crossover. before you respond to comments do 2 things: 1. grow up, 2. if you dont know something than shutup!

  13. If GM had bought alfa they would be selling them to AVIS by now with pushrod V6 and 4 speed auto based on the malibu.

  14. Rented a few in Europe with TDI, too bad they do not bring them here, then I would buy one too. When will the silly Americans learn about the economy of diesel?

  15. To Anonymous no. 1, the experiences folks have had in Europe with Alfas are positive, so they won’t be lemons. The thing that lets them down in a lot of countries is the after-sales’ service, and not the cars themselves. They certainly will be better built than most American cars.

  16. Now that Alfa Romeo officially announced its return to America, then they should bring over the 147, especially the 147 GTA. A perfect VW GTI competitor.

  17. I agree with the first post, they are good looking cars and all, but they were just lemons when they were here before. they were horribly built, unreliable cars. Like korean cars when they first got here, it took that big warranty to show people otherwise(and they are great cars now but they had to prove it) I think the same will go for alfa, because im sure many people will remember that they were never good cars…

  18. i heard that the new alfas (specially the 159 gta and the 169) will come with a maserati-based v8 engine. this ones could be a nice alternative to the german cars. alfa romeo has now the perfect ingredients that make a great car: a splendid racing history, a very nice look, a funny performance and a good quality. and, afterall, it could be cheaper than its rivals… the battle will be very interesting.

  19. Im from australia where Alfa still sells but only just. Yes they are beautiful vehicles and especially the new ones. However most of our local motoring journos still speak of poor quality and dynamics. Alfa needs to improve in other areas than just styling. And please when are they gonna give us some RWDs that actualy perfrom!! The Brera although sexy is FWD and fails to post a sub 6 second 0-60mph which is simply off the modern game for a performance coupe.

  20. I don’t think that Alfa has “poor quality and dynamics.”
    Maybe the quality (expecially in the old models)is a problem,but not for the last 159 (really a nice car)….

    The “Dynamics” of an Alfa is famous and trust me is very enjoyable to drive an Alfa Romeo… 😀

  21. Brera is 4WD… 3.2 litres with more than 200hp (i don’t remember exactly)

    it’s an expensive car.. more then 159.

    i’m italian and i see those model every day… new alfa are bigger, heavier and more powerful then the model of 4 year ago (exept for the 147 and 166)

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