Audi A7

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There has been rumors for a while about an upcoming “4 door coupe” from Audi. (illustration above)
I guess to compete with the CLS from Mercedes.
An A7 model would be priced over the A6 (Duh..) so figure about $45 000 to start, at least.
Is that such a great move?

I think the CLS sells because it does look great.
This A7 has better look amazing …

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  1. Reminds me of all the four-door hardtops that used to come out of the States in the ’60s … (and still out of Japan today).

  2. Looks very nice…needs a few tweaks here and there. It will compete well with the CLS and 6 series…almost a combination of the 2 with strong AUDI DNA. If it is priced under 50 grand, I will be the first to buy one.

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