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This is what is planned for the next few years at BMW.
As you can see, a new Z8 is in the works.
So here is an illustration of what it might look like…

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  1. Now THAT is what I’m talking about! I knew that BMW could provide better designs than they are offering us today! This Z8 rendering makes the current crop of BMWs look completely clunkey.

  2. actually a new z8 isnt in the works, its going to be a z6, according to, and it will be positioned below the z8, and will compete with the sl

  3. Whatever nomenclature they want to stick on the rear of this thing is fine with me, Z6, Z8, Z-whatever. I am so enthusiastic about this design and happy that there is no evidence of “flame surfacing” silliness. This design is good stuff… and I hope it translates to all models in the BMW lineup.

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