The Camaro Concept

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Here are a couple of pictures of what the Camaro concept could have looked like.
The orange car came first. That’s the one they didn’t like.
You’ll notice on the wall behind it, a full size illustration that looks like a fastback version of the model.

The red illustration was the 1st one they actually liked. That one became the concept, after some changes.
maybe it does give us a few hints at the production model. The lights, for instance, actually look more production than the final concept…

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  1. the top one looks pretty close to a production car, while the real concept looks like just that a concept and pretty far from production. the co

  2. By the time GM gets this car into production, it’ll be dated. Or else GM will screw it up with their typical cheap-looking interior design.

  3. this car will be dated by the time GM brings it to the market, plus, they’ll probably give it an interior full of cheap plastics.

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