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If it looks familiar, that’s because it is.

You are looking at the Daewoo version of our Saturn Sky/Opel GT.
As far as I know, it is still built in the US alongside the other 2 models.

Anybody else needs one? Holden, Buick?

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  1. It is…just…so difficult to look at that and call it a Daewoo. It’s just so far-fetched from any Daewoo we ever had in the States. I am…at a loss for words. The car and the name…just don’t go together for me.

  2. There was no need to change a thing the car is gorgeous as is ! and im quite sure the people who can buy daewoo’s in there home market are going nuts over this car, which guess what makes GM a little more richer and the guys that build it alittle more job secure. just dont sell it in the states and im fine with GM making some more sales (money) off badge engineering . hell we buy daewoo badged cars here (suzuki,aveo) why cant they buy one of our american cars over there ???? btw suzuki get that damn SWIFT over here soon, our gas is expensive ($3.30 a gallon) and we need hot little cars like the swift here now ! not 3 years from now…

  3. It’s not being sold in the US, guys! It’s for the Korean market, where they don’t have Saturn, Pontiac, Opel, etc. They have to sell it under the Daewoo name.

    Immediately you jump on this as another “pathetic GM badge engineering moment”. It’s not. It’s GM providing South Korea with a wonderful roadster that almost everyone else gets (except us poor Aussies, but give us time)

  4. Now you know how antipodeans feel about the Daewoo Statesman.
       I agree with Anonymous No. 3 (as in the third person called Anonymous, with the fifth comment). As Daewoo is providing the world with certain Chevrolets, Holdens, Opels, Vauxhalls, Buicks, etc., then it was inevitable the reverse would happen.

  5. “It’s not being sold in the US, guys! It’s for the Korean market, where they don’t have Saturn, Pontiac, Opel, etc. They have to sell it under the Daewoo name.”

    I am pissed because as someone who works at a dealership that has both Saturn and Pontiac, we are losing sales left and right because GM cannot provide enough of them for us to sell. A day doesn’t go buy where we tell someone “sorry, there is a waiting list” and they get mad, leave and most likely buy a Mustang Convertable.

    The last thing they need to do is make another version of this car and limit supply even more.

  6. Some people are just dumb. Badge engineering is only a problem if both vehicles are sold in the same country. GM finally has a way to penetrate a foriegn market and people are actually pissed about it.

  7. Its not about badge engineering or not. Its about stupid Korean trade bar that hate anything that did not say “Korean made”. If it badged as Cadillac or Saturn, Koreans simply won’t buy it. However, if Americans are doing the same thing, I bet we are still driving land yarchts or rubbishes now.

  8. Quote Sgt. Beavis:
    >>GM finally has a way to penetrate a foriegn market and people are actually pissed about it.

    Penetrate my ass (oh, wait…)

    Why don’t you see the Miata being sold as a Mazda, Ford, Jaguar, Mercury or Lincoln? How about a Z4 as a Rolls? Why not rebadge a 911 as an Audi or VW or, better yet, a Lambo?

  9. ok why is gm trashed for doing this,and other companies do it ands its ok. the acura tsx, landcruiser,lx470, gx470, scion(everything), mostlexus, the nsx, the g35, the m, the q, everything skoda the list goes on and on, but no one saids anything aboutit. people are idiots as long as its not american anything goes, thats stupid. but judging from the childish comments in this blog i imaginethats the most u should expect…..

  10. MKK is right. In Korea, there was a rumour that anyone driving a foreign car would be investigated by their equivalent of the IRS. The rumour might be false, but you can easily see how that leads to a 99 per cent-plus domination of the local market by Korean brands when you look on a typical Korean street.

  11. I don’t understand why GM does this. They come out with one design and feed it through the entire division. If the Sky/Solstice becomes a Buick, I wouldn’t be surprised. When will the American car companies wake up and realize that consumers can understand that a chassis can spawn off many cars, but they don’t have to look exactly alike. Hmmm, change the grille on a Fusion, and call it a Milan, and a Zephyr? WAKE UP! Look at the Lexus GS and Toyota Avalon.

  12. To the comment with Lexus GS and Avalon: You know that they are NOT built on the same platform, the Avalon is FWD and the GS is RWD. (Or did you mean the ES?That is a Camry in better cloth).

    Nevertheless, you see some really lame attempts of badge engineering in the US, so I can understand some peoples reaction. (Here in Europe, we usually get badge-engineering usually just with vans.Pass.cars wouldn´t sell)

  13. Hey Vince buddy,

    Jammmmer here. Hey I know you’re the car genius and this is a cool looking ride (Daewoo). But Vince, screw the car…that is the hottest chick I’ve ever seen standing behind that metal….her I’d really like to test drive. Get me her name or something and I’ll spring for a sixer of brew.

    Jammmmer out!

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