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Another Chinese car…
Sure. But this one seems to be a bit more original. And it is not an obvious copy of another design.
It is based on the Mazda 6 platform. So I assume the engine might also be from Japan.

It really doesn’t look worse than many other sedans we have over here. The wood doesn’t look as fake as in the Saturn Aura, and there is much less of it…

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  1. I agree with Southerner about the Forenza-like stlying. I also see a lot of Chevy Cobalt in the design. This car’s design is by no means original.

  2. No, the wood trim in this monstrosity doesn’t look fake – it looks like it came from an old fruit crate. The AURA’s wood trim looks real compared to it.

  3. Well, since Vince already stated “based on a Mazda 6” and if you look closely at the interior, you can see similarities. Steering wheel, pod cluster and the hood over it, and also the general shape of the center stack.
    Look at the tranny selector too. Straight from a Mazda 6 it appears.

  4. ya right,, it looks nothing like this interior you sound like my grandma that cry’s out all the cars look the same, she thinks a 300c and an impala look identical !

  5. Although it’s a good thing because it’s a joint venture but it looks like more than 10 people from different manufacturers worked on the car.

  6. I suppose it’s a good effort given that it will probably slot in where its current Audi 100-based model is. It has to be positioned in a premium slot in the Red Chinese market, given the age and goodwill of the Hongqi name there.

  7. It aint a chop, here is a better pic of the front end and it was shown this week at the Hangzhou Auto Show. The Benteng is based on the platform of the mazda 6, which FAW also produces here in partnership with Ford’s Japanese affiliate. (FAW also has joint ventures with Volkswagen and Toyota.)

    FAW said it has made considerable changes to the sheet metal and interior. The Benteng will be offered with a choice of 2.0-liter or 2.3-liter four-cylinder engines. FAW plans to sell 10,000 units this year in China, with prices expected to range from about $25,000 to $30,000.

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