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That’s anyone’s guess…

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  1. i’m more inclined to say this is a photoshop job. If it were real, then only thing i can think of is maybe this car rollerd down a hill, off and retaining wall and into the atic. I think it this were real, we would have heard about it on all the news channels.

  2. For the car to crash through the roof, it would have had to roll backwards from a higher place. A higher place like where the photographer was standing.

  3. MARLBOROUGH, Mass. — A woman in her 70s who apparently pressed her car’s accelerator instead of the brake drove off a Mass. parking garage and through the roof of a home, according to Local 6 News.
    “The (driver) had parked her car across the street, cut her wheel, backed up and stepped on the gas,” said Jeremy Cardin, a nearby resident who witnessed the accident. “It was just like a catcher’s mitt as she hit the roof. She went right between two parked cars and there wasn’t even a scratch on them.”
    “She thought she had her foot on the brake and hit the gas,” police Officer David Garceau said. “The car quickly accelerated, went into a 180-degree turn, launched over the wall and backed into the house.” and yet another pic HERE so dont be so quick to judge vince !

  4. Will those people who said Vince was dumb apologize to him? And should we now take all their future claims of ‘Photoshopped’ with a pinch of salt now, since it is evident they don’t themselves know?
       I thought someone had built the home on top of an old parking garage where they had those ascending spaces …

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