Hyundai Getz Cross

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At a starting price of under 10 000 Euros, the Getz is smaller and cheaper than our Accent.
As you can see, this Cross version could give the little Hyundai a bit a attitude lacking the regular model.
If produced it would go against the recently introduced VW Cross Polo.
The Hyundai is powered by a 1.5 Liter Diesel. Imagine the gas mileage on that.

And I think it might actually make a cool entry level car for the US as well. At least it looks more fun and practical than the Accent…

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  1. It looks pretty good to me.
    It fits well amongs the Citroen, the Renault, the Fiat, the European Yaris, the Opel and the Toyota’s own Dahiatsu.
    Good job Hyundai!!

  2. I´ve read that this is just a custom version made by some belgian or dutch dealers, so not a totally official Hyundai.

    Anyway, at least in Austria (&neighbour countries), these Cross-Econo-Minis (Polo, Citroen C3) have been on sale quite a while, but i don´t remeber seeing one (except the Fiat Panda 4×4, which is a real 4wd)….

    Probably interest is not really that big if it comes down to buying one

  3. Kia Rio all over the place-
    And I believe the custom story-check out the dubs on that mean machine

    Seriously though, looks like a pretty capable city/suburb vehicle

  4. This is the perfect girly car for all you SUV-fearing little ladies. Maybe it has a special place for your dolls.

  5. Douchebag Jones, that is N. Korea
    that has a problem feeding its people due to its basard leader.

    Anyway, I would rather have the brand new Suzuki SX4 over the Hyundai.

  6. Since the Chrysler–Matra Rancho, folks have loved these faux 4WDs—there’s the Volkswagen CrossFox and CrossPolo, Citroën C3 XTR and others. The only one that seemed to be hated was the old Rover Streetwise. Hyundai is doing a wise thing, entering into this market. (And methinks Douchebag has a little trouble with geography.)

  7. Volkswagen can only play catch-up with these korean/japanese models. While we wait for the “de-contented” rabbit in the US these manufacturers are proceeding with the “next wave” and VW has missed again.

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