Hyundai “larger-than-Santa-Fe” SUV

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No official name yet for the beast.
Expect the final model to be about the size of an Explorer with a standard 3.8 Liter V6.

And maybe more as an option…

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  1. Hopefully this new platform will be built in Hyundai’s new factory in Alabama and shared with the likes of Mitsubishi, Chrysler and GM!! What we need is larger and thirstier SUV’s to help pay the rich politicians to support the war effort in Iraq and line their pockets as well!!! Giving this platform to Hyundai’s kin company Kia though would ruin the image they are trying to uphold and halt their secret agender, God forbid!

  2. I have more pictures of this thing. I saw two of them an hour ago and took four pictures. I guess I can’t post them here?

  3. Vince, believe it or not the name for this aircraft carrier is the ‘EQUUS’!! Dumb name, dumb platform! Looks like Hyundai will fit in real nice down in Alabama, the good ole U.S. of A.!!!

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