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Sorry folks, I was asked to remove these pictures by “the Man” himself…
These photos are all over the net so I guess the Ford lawyers will be buzy for a while…
Here is how they did it:

” Land Rover takes policing
and enforcement of its intellectual property rights very seriously.

Land Rover has recently discovered that the operator and/or registrant of
the domain name THEHOLLYWOODEXTRA.COM (the “Infringing Website”) is blatantly
violating Land Rover’s intellectual property rights by posting copyrighted
images of the Land Rover LR2.
The Infringing Website displays images, taken directly from Land
Rover’s own internal website. Land Rover’s website is protected by
copyright law and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the
express written authorization of Land Rover. A representative list of the
addresses within the web site where Land Rover’s copyrighted images, texts
and designs appear is attached hereto as Exhibit A.
The violation of Land Rover’s copyrights is causing, and will continue to
cause Land Rover to suffer injury as long as the website remains
operational. Should you have any questions concerning Land Rover’s position
in this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me. “

They actually seem like nice peolpe and nobody here wants to “piss off the Ford motors Company”…

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  1. Since this is the LR2 does that mean there might be a cheaper LR1. That would be cool. An even cheaper Freelander.

  2. that nav screen looks


    it’s the LR2 b/c Ford and Land Rover are mulling over a jeep/4×4/outdoor type vehicle. LR1 – would be 2 door and attempt to be what the 2 door freelander couldn’t.

  3. HUGE improvement over the first one….especially the interior. but how is this a gas hog, people always complain about suvs and gas mileage but no gas complaints for cars with suv like gas mileage, just praise. every srt8, most sedans with v8’s, sports cars, exotics, etc. this car cant be a gas guzzler its way to small

  4. Are you stupid?

    Rhetorical question. The answer is yes, he/she/it is stupid.

    Ask a real question next time.

    This bloated gas hog is designed for the Paris Hilton men whose balls were either removed at birth or have yet to descend. Try buying a Porche or some other penis-extention before you saddle yourself with this wimpish MPG bitch.

    Or buy it for your pathetic wives who care less about your lack of masculinity and more about your slavish servitude to the almighty dollar.

    Pimps you have become.

  5. the question should have been are you psychotic…..very cray response man this is a car blog, did a lr2 kill someone you know or something, little to emotional about a car. and to correct a gas hog doesnt get 17mpg, many “cars” do. a small suv isnt a gas hog, maybe an escalade, hummer, navigator, stuff like that, but an suv that gets typical “car” gas mileage doesnt qualify, but given your responses i can see why you would give such a rediculous response….

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