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These new pictures show us the new look for the next Chrysler minivans.
They do look more like wagons than ever before…

I have seen a couple of these prototypes driving around myself, and they do look like no other minivans out there.

Is that what people want now? Minivans that look more like wagons.
It might actually be a stroke of genius from Chrysler. A minivan that doesn’t look like one. A minivan where you can actually see the hood while driving it.
What GM tried a last year and failed…

I think it is a good idea, why not.

I never thought the 300 look would become so popular.

And I really wonder about that “screaming old guy” on the 2nd pic.
Caught again, poor slob…

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  1. Vince,diversity is becoming an endangered species! It seems to be a restructuring of two former highly successful platforms, the SUV and the Minivan, into one major catagory, which almost any vehicle these days could fall into, the dreaded ‘CROSSOVER ZONE’! Using one platform for several different models costs less for manufacturers, which means more profit for them as well! Too bad they won’t pass on the savings to the consumer as well too!

  2. Maybe they look different in real life, but the rear end sort of reminds me of a Kia Sedona. I’m calling it as I see it.

    I’m not so sure just how “genius” this will be. It remains to be seen whether this will be a success.

  3. It looks quit wide from the photo, but overall it looks beautiful and functional. Thats just what we need in this market. A large vehicle that forget everything about towing capacity and ground clearance, they are just waste of fuel in most parts of the country. Expecting AWD and 3.5L v6, Dodge and Volkswagen version, and 5-speed auto only, but most important of all, the new minivan should lift Chrysler out of the woods. On the other hand, GM’s full size crossover will knock Ford’s recovery plan off its track. Where is Henry Ford now?

  4. Screaming Old Guy is the motoring equivalent of Scowling Lady in the opening sequence of The Mary Tyler Moore Show (standing behind her when she tosses her beret).

  5. Just as when Chrysler totally abandoned the curves of the Concorde/LHS for the current 300, it looks like their minivan is going the same route. I’m betting that underneath the winged badge on the lip of the hood will be another HUGE in-your-rearview-mirror grille too!
    As innovative as their flip-and-fold seats are I wonder if they’ve also solved the problem of seat comfort and noise control from the undercarriage?

  6. It looks more slab sided and upright, but when comparing to the guys standing next to it, it isn’t as tall as the current minivan.

    So far, for a minivan, I’m liking what I see.

  7. that’s another winner for america
    odissey and that toyota van will be discontinued when this one comes out.
    a good american family should be driving american!

  8. Yes, American families should be driving American cars my friend, but unfortunately Dodge and Chryslers are mainly built in Canada and Mexico!!!! The few models that are built in the good old U.S. contain over 70% parts that are built in Canada or Mexico!! The big 3 build them where labor is cheap to make the most profit, putting hundreds of thousands of American workers in the unemployment lines. If all these Americans are out of a job, where will they get the money to buy their vehicles? This is a delema that the companies forgot to consider when they closed most of the American factories!!!

  9. Umm no the Odyssey and Sienna are defintely benchmarks Chrysler should follow I don’t see how this is going to be better than them maybe Chrysler should discontinue minivans. The styling is obviously going the new Chrysler design route which is ok but dumb automakers going back to the past styling from the 80s wow boxy cars are coming back. Chrysler’s new design route is obviously a desperate attempt for cool styling it may have worked but not for me.

  10. Ha.. First off, The past, current and future Caravan are all shit and will be shit. The Odyssey (see the correct spelling douchfag), and Sienna are all benchmarks of what a good car is. Oh yeah both of which are domestically built and get this.

    Actually, it’s not fair to say american/domestic built cars are crap. It’s domestically designed and engineered cars that are crap. (GM, FORD and CHRYSLER come to mind). Domestics are good for leasing, so when 4 or 5 years go by, just as the car is on it’s last legs you can return it to the dealership and get another disposable car!

  11. The only *invention* Chrysler did was to build a van on a unibody (car) platform instead of a truck. However if you stupid yanks take your heads out of your asses, you will realize that volkswagen had a unibody van a called a microbus back in 1950. That evolved to the westfalia.

    Now as far as the term “minivan” goes. The original minivan was as wide as a westfalia but not as tall. Now, minivan dwarf westfalia.. so it’s no so mini anymore!

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