New Citroen Picasso

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This one looks to be the real thing..

The 2nd generation Picasso should be at the September Paris Auto Show.
Another cool and futuristic thing we’ll never see around here.
It makes the Mazda 5 look really old…

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  1. With that 1992 Oldsmobile Silhouette windshild, this thing will have a dashboard the size of a football field, just like the New Beetle. Takes some getting used to behind the wheel.

    Other than that, it looks like an egg.

  2. i wouldnt say old, but normal and tasteful, this thing would look old after a few months way to overstyled

  3. Looks weird – not bad, but way too weird for a family car (and that´s what it should be)
    The Fiat Multipla showe that weird family cars don´t sell, so i really wonder citroebn tries again

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