New Corsa 4 door

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Here are some pictures of the 4 door version from the same shoot is Spain.
It does look like a mini Astra. Just what Saturn could use…

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  1. That is one sexy looking REAL compact car. Its exactly what saturn/gm needs here but i have the feeling it won’t happen because witht he astra already coming, other GM brand dealers will complain saturn is getting too good a deal since this car seems soo well designed.

  2. I agree with #1, it looks like a twin of the Nissan Versa, and that’s a good thing. Bring it over GM! Just don’t overprice it.

  3. Saturn needs to change it’s rectangular logo. How bout something pleasing to the eye like the Opel logo?

  4. The idea of selling the Opel brand in the U.S. makes some sense except that GM did that back in the 1970s to give Buick dealers small cars to sell after gas prices soared following the OPEC embargo.

    Those Opels weren’t very good and with a rising German mark, GM brought imported Japanese Isuzu cars branded Opel instead.

    The Isuzu-branded Opels were crappy, too. So Opel has a disappointing history in the U.S.

    Better not to call anything an Opel here especially because the Saturn name is generally OK even though the ION nearly ruined it.

  5. I live in Australia where it is called the “Holden Barina” the old Barina was designed by Opel and built in Spain. The new one is designed and built by Daiwoo. Both Holden and Opel are under attack because the superceded model had 4 Star safety and the new one has 2 stars.

  6. In Australia (where I am) it is the Holden Barina. The old Barina was designed by Opel and built in spain. Our current one is designed by Daiwoo and built in Korea.
    Both Holden and Opel are under fire because the NCAP safety has dropped from 4 Star to 2 Star with the new models.

  7. Sadly, Australia and New Zealand will not see this model, but, Anonymous, why would Opel be under fire for the two-star rating? It had nothing to do with the Daewoo Kalos that is sold as the Holden Barina.
       Iquack, true—the Buick–Opel was a disappointing car and kept coming in second (remember the compact challenge it ran in all the advertisements in 1976?). But I like to think that Opel, prior to the Isuzu Gemini débâcle, was a good brand—the Opel GT was well received, and I seem to recall the quality on the Chuck Jordan-designed Mantas to be very good.

  8. My appologies to Opel. The car that NCAP tested in Europe was the Daewoo Kalos. Kalos= New Barina = Chevy Aveo. Our old Barina was Opel Corsa, good car but not profitable enough for GM.
    Please excuse my confusion over all the badge engineering.

  9. Yes, that sounds right, Anonymous—and I agree it can get confusing. I wish GM stuck with this Corsa for the new Barina. Ford, Toyota and Honda (and even Hyundai) will find the Kalos or TK Barina a walkover.

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