New Holden Commodore

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We’ll never see this Australian car over here.. But…

GM is talking about using a modified structure of this car for the new Camaro. And the next RWD Impala.
For a while, Buick was supposed to have a version of this car as their flagship model.

So we might see some of it after all….

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  1. From what I can see, it’s very nice. The thin roof pillars look to give it a nice, airy greenhouse.

  2. Promises, promises, promises!!! By the time GM decides where they are going to get a platform for the new Camaro, how they are going to adapt it to the desired platform they are trying to achieve for the new model and figure out how and where they are going to manufacture it, they will have already exhausted their time, energy, enthusiasm, passion and finances jerking us all off along the way as well as themselves!!! Maybe Honda, Mazda or Nissan will get the recipe right for an American Muscle car and bring it to a reality before we all grow too old to remember and just fade away!!! DICK HERTZ from Holden.

  3. Ahh The VE commodore. I reckon it looks a bit average to tell you the truth. Every pic I see, the car looks different, but it is getting a bit Astra/Vecta styled for me. I like the current model (VZ), I think they got that one pretty much perfect. But I drive a VN (1990 model), so…

  4. I quite like this one, and I think it looks less Opel-ish than Jack above believes; certainly less so than the VN through VS. But that’s just a matter of taste. The proportions will be more upscale, I reckon, showing it to be a rear-wheel-drive car. Holden needs to get this one right and I would not be surprised if GM, facing a budget crunch, just winds up importing this car wholesale for one of its American divisions as a premium model.

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