New Mazda 6

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We’ve all seen the picturs of the test mules for the past few weeks.
And this illustration seems to be a pretty good prediction.

Based on the same platform as the Ford Fusion, the new 6 is larger and roomier than the current one.
And with a lot more style.

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  1. I understand that L-Finess of Lexus is originally too close to Mazda. So, they are all now too similar.

    Lexus IS = L-Finess + Series 3 + Mazda 3
    Lexus GS = L-Finess + Maxima
    Lexus ES = L-Finess + Camry = Mazda + Camry
    Lexus LS = L-Finess + Series 7

    This Mazda 6 is Mazda with more style.

  2. Okay, I’m confused… The current Fusion is based on the current Mazda 6. But the NEW Mazda 6 will be based on the current Fusion?

    Wouldn’t that mean that the new 6 is based on the same platform as the current Mazda 6???

    What am I missing?

  3. The current Fusion is based on a larger version of the current Mazda6 platform.
    The next 6 and current Fusion will share that “larger” paltform.

  4. Very nice.

    I applaud Mazda for maintaining a level of passion in their cars lately.

    I drive a Mazda3 hatch and I get stares and comments wherever I go. And I LOVE driving it.

    It seems the Fusion is selling well too.

  5. So they’re going to make the Mazda 6 look more like an RX-8? At least it will look less like a Toyota.

  6. douchebag:
    Yeah you get the finger driving a Ford. hahaha

    You must not be serious man… your comments are so ridiculously funny. We should all get an all american cadillac cimarron. hehe We’d have so much style…

  7. Wow… I didn’t think that Mazda could have improved much on their current 6, but this is just beautiful!

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