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Mercedes is seriously thinking about adding a new model in between the SLK and SL convertibles.
And yes, it would have “Gullwing” doors, just like the old one.

Let’s hope they go through with this great idea…

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  1. I think it will bring back good memeories of their orginal style instead of some of the uglier toys they have come out with in recent years such as the RL and last generation ML

  2. RL? Who said Acura?

    Vince, don’t you mean SL and SLR? There isn’t really that much of a market in between the SL and SLK. As for the gullwing doors, isn’t that going to be difficult to pash crash testing and rigidity targets? And that redering is… overdone, at best.

  3. wow thats nice, but yeah i have to agree with the post above i think car like this would be to expensive to fit between the sl, and slk. it looks like an over $100,000 car, but i think mercedes would be fine on crash test many other cars, have odder ways to open doors, and mercedes maintained the rigid structure in the cl and clk, i think they should be pretty good at it by now….

  4. Except for the gimmickey doors, what’s the point? MB should focus on their existing portfolio of sports cars and all of the things they need to do to enhance the appeal of those vehicles. IMHO, MB’s designs are a real mess lately and their perceived value has been severely hurt by poor quality rankings.

  5. percieved value?….mercedes have never been about “value,” that was lexus, infiniti, acura are for, or if you have to have a german car audi. i seriously doubt mercedes is worried how their “value” is percieved lol they are priced above every other car in its segment by a large margin, an e class and a ls430 are the same price and the ls competes with the s class. do i think that makes sense no are they worth that much more no, but the point is mercedes isnt about value… now acura percieved value has been hurt by the rl which is overpriced and the brand is a value brand. and it is showing because no one is buying them

  6. The “perceived value” of a Mercedes has always been that the price you pay provides you with a car built with the strength of a bank vault, the best engineering on earth, and a car that will possibly outlast the owner. This is why you often see thirty and forty year old MB’s parked in the driveways of the most exclusive neighborhoods. This is the kind of value that Mercedes needs to maintain to justify buying one instead of another brand. That’s the value that’s lacking with them today.

  7. The original 300SL Gullwing was a thinly disguised race car. It was light, fast for its day, and very reliable. Its gullwing doors were not designed for aesthetic reasons but rather to accommodate the high and wide doorsills created by its racing space frame. The windows did not open but could be removed by releasing two latches and pushing them out. This was to provide a way out if the car flipped over onto its roof thus disabling the doors and subjecting the occupants to possible incineration. The car was hot, hard to get in and out of, and by no means a regular daily-driver. Actually, more roadsters sold than Gullwings. But, none of that mattered when you were blasting down the road at over 4,000 RPM showing that Ferrari what Prussian engineering was all about.
    Please MB do it again – build an uncompromising, light, reliable, race/sports car Gullwing.

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