New Renault Alpine

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Somehow, Renault is looking to add a sports car to their lineup.
Why not.. I’m not sure there is such a large market in Europe, but why not…

A new Alpine would immediately come with a great pedigree. And they could base it on the already available Nissan Z platform.
A cost saving measure that might actually be the main reason for the revival of the Alpine name.

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  1. This rendetion screams porsche boxter to me, although it does resemble the 1969 alpine a110 but sure am glad they didnt copy the last alpine they sold click this but hey if they build it they can always sell it here as a nissan brother to the z or an infinity and it would sell !

  2. The Alpine name my be a great goal to the RENAULT image, and the picture show-us a nice sport coupe. Bien Venue ALPINE

  3. Yes it’s a sporty car, which should put a smile on everyones face. But the design lacks refinement and sex appeal. It looks no bettern than some of the contrived concepts that we’ve seen from China lately.

  4. bonjour “the hollywood extra” je suis en france et j’ai trouvé cette photo de l’alpine noire sur votre site très interressante. D’ou vient-elle ?
    je suis membre d’un club alpine appelé “CLUB ALPINE DIEPPE” et je possède moi même une alpine GTA V6 turbo et une renault 5 turbo2.
    Que l’image d’ALPINE dure longtemps.

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