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Again, just an illustration.
And we haven’t seen any pictures of actual prototypes yet, so this is pure speculation

The current E class is a really classy car. But they are so many around (at least in the L.A area) that they are as anonymous as a Camry.

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  1. I do have one question for Mercedes Benz: Why are you changing the style of you headlamps? I used to like the bulb headlights but the regular headlights nowadays don’t make Mercedes Benz stand out more.

  2. This is a classy design, but to me, Mercedes truly has lost its identity. It blends in all to well now. And I don’t mean just this illustration. I’m talking about current cars as well. One exception is the CLS, which is a car all its own. It would be a wise decision to integrate CLS architecture and design into future Mercedes-Benz products. I hope they do so.

  3. True—with Mercedes’ proliferation of models there seems to be very little holding them together. A badge or a grille is not enough.

  4. BMW is heading toward ugly and cheap interiors; Lexus is still working on detaching from Toyota heritage and getting Diesel engines; Audi has neither the brand identity, the comfort, and the performance of the other Germany Big two, so Mercedes-Benz still has the upper hand in luxury market. And judging from S-class designs, I won’t doubt the next E-class will continue as the best selling executive car in the world.

  5. Wow! First Lexus chases Mercedes in the luxury sedan world, and does a decent job. (some may say better even) But this appears to be the first time Mercedes is knocking off Lexus!
    That front end totally echoes the new GS series. All I can say is WOW.

    Next, the Hyundai E-class fighter. Designed like both of them and looking like it.

  6. I don’t know about other people, but I love not just the CLS, but also the SL, SLK, the new ML and S class. They’re all imposing vehicles with distinct styling. In fact, the only thing I don’t like on the Merc lineup is the C and CLK, which are just leftover remnants of previous generation styling cues.

    Mercedes has the styling right, unlike its other German rivals.

  7. first this is a “drawing” second its not fair to say that the “e class” is copying a car that was desighned to look like a japanese version of it. the gs was styled after the e class when it was first created, and continues to use mercedes styling cues. as was the current ls styled after the s class. so no mercedes isnt copying a car that copied them lol……some people dont make any sense

  8. The original GS was not a copy of any Mercedes.
    It was design by Giugiaro from one of his previous Concept.

  9. for shame…to be the owner of this blog and say that. when the second generation was released it was criticized for blatantly copying the e class in its desighn. yes the original gs was original, and ironically those lexus cars were the last “original” ones, but the second generation e class had head lights, and tail lights that mirrored the e class, along with 5 series and e class styling cues throughout its interior and exterior.

  10. ” the gs was styled after the e class when it was first created, “

    Read your own words…
    You were talking about the 1st genration in your first post. And you were wrong…

  11. awww hes throwing a tantrem……the point is the 96 model was a blatant copy of the e class….get over it

  12. Liek I said, these Mercedes posts always bring out the worst of “German cars fanboys patrol”…

  13. people, vince is posting out of the goodness of his heart because he wants to share his love of cars. please do not argue about petty spelling errors or corrections of grammar. everyone is entitled to their own opinions and they should not be attacked by others that may not agree with them. this blog should be a safe and unhostile environment for people of all ages and races to come together to enjoy the lastest cars from different countries like the united states, germany, japan, or even china. please, let us be civil to one another, and even though we may not agree on different issues, there is one thing that we all have in common, and that is the love of cars, or else you would not be looking at this website. i want to thank vince for dedicating his time and effort to dig up the lastest developments in the automotive industry and giving us this amazing blog.

  14. awww, that almost brought me to tears lol. no but im a big german car fan “especially bmw, not so much mercedes, except the amg” and feel this site is a little japanese car biased, but i agree this is a pretty good site

  15. Thanks a lot for the praises and thanks…

    But I have to say, I am realy not japanese biased.
    I just try to report on actual facts and surveys.

    But whatever I say, I do get slamed by ‘the other side”.

    That’s OK…
    I’ve own both Japanese and German cars.”’

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