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This picture taken during a meeting shows a quite futuristic design direction for the next 9-5.

Let’s hope so…

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  1. this looks slightly like the new concept they came out with

    maybe can help saab

    but I’ll no longer buy from them because they are owned by GM

  2. To vague to tell much about the design, but the direction looks goos, better than the overly plain 9-3 (or the recent GM-rebadges)..
    Good to see that they seem to return to a hatchback-like design, as Saab drivers always prefered the hatchbacks (when both were availiable)

  3. Not bad and a good way to sex up a Vectra with the airplane inspiration. But I imagine it will be developed and built in Rüsselsheim.

  4. Yep, the idea that it not only is basically an Opel, but also not longer built in sweden, doesn´t give much credit to future image of the brand….
    (GM should have a look at Volvo & Ford – somehow they keep the brands identity much, much better…)

  5. Actually when this pic was unveiled months ago at a GM meeting, they said that it wasn’t hinting at the next 9-5, but actually at the replacement for the 9-2X (which is now slated to be named the 9-1 and be built off the next generation Astra platform). GM started this project in earnest once the 9-2X replacemenet was canned after the split with Subuaru. Now that Saab had to ditch those plans and now that their product cycle is inline with Opel, this is getting the highest priority for Saab. The unconfirmed rumor is that it will be built in Trollhattan — which makes you also speculate if other Astra production will move to Sweden now that all future 9-3/9-5/BLS production is going to be consolidated in Russelheim Germany with the next Vectra.

  6. Agreed with Miklos—GM has not considered its brands. When it last said it had a ‘brand’ structure, it was actually a fancy way of saying a sales’ structure replicated from fast-moving consumer goods—which flopped. With Lutz there, there’s more of a shake-up, so Anonymous above, I think you may be right on your guesses. Saab’s product cycles and GM’s new rule that the Swedish brand must have more common components with the Vectra could easily see a shift to Rüsselsheim for future 9-3, 9-5, BLS and Vectra (I guess no more Signum?), with Trollhättan building 9-1 and Astra. My guess is that may even see this car giving its platform to the next Daewoo Lacetti.

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