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This is actually the all new Opel Antara. Replacing the old Isuzu based Frontera.
But GM has mentioned that it would become our next Vue.
It would be an amazing improvement over the curent model. especially inside.

The V6 is now a 3.2 Liter engine with 224hp. No more Honda engine (that part might not be such an improvement…)

Saturn might end up having one the the strongest lin up in the US industry by next year.
Aura, Astra, Antara, Outlook and Sky all look like strong entries if priced right.

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  1. It absolutely is looking like a strong lineup. This Vue looks competitive out of the gate. I’m sure the US version will do without the two tone scheme in the photos.

    The interior especially is tasty…

  2. I’m seeing a hint of Hyundai Tuscon in the back end… Perhaps it’s just me.

    Looks like nice small ute.


  3. I think not using Honda’s 3.5L V6 is a huge improvement. GM is building some excellent OHC V6s, and should be using them, not resorting to Honda’s. And this vehicle would only add to Saturn’s vastly improved and very competetive product line.

  4. It absolutely is looking like a strong lineup. This Vue looks competitive out of the gate. I’m sure the US version will do without the two tone scheme in the photos.

    The interior especially is tasty…

    I storngly believe this comment is accurate, lets just hope all the vechicles have a lexus build quality. If these vechicles have that quality, they could give toyota some problems in the future.

  5. Interesting that Saturn had been a neglected brand that could now help save GM.

    Saturn is the most recently conceived GM brand and it has the potential to give GM a fresh face.

    If the products are competitvely priced and reliable, the strategy will work IMO.

  6. I see a lot of Europe-only Renault Laguna Break(Or is it Grandtour?The estate..) in the back, the shape of the rear window, c pilar and backlights. Apart from that it´s very nice.

    Funny thing though that i read it´s not getting the GM-Pwoertrain Diesel (as every other Opel) but a Daewoo one. Might not be so good in Europe.

  7. I think investing heavily into Saturn is a smart decision on the GM’s part. Saturn, in my opinion, has the most malleable image among all the GM’s line up due to its relative youth, and it can be transformed into something special.

    It doesn’t have long enough history to tempt unoriginal big wigs to create throwback cars to 60s, like the rest of the domestic cars are caught up in doing. (Who did the market research for SSR, Charger, Thunderbird, and etc? Idiots)

    Anyway, this car is looking real sharp. And it is apparent from the photo that the detailing is very good in this car, unlike the recent GM’s effort on their new interiors, which look great on quick glance, but lack detailing. (e.g. Impala, the new Buicks, etc)

    Smart move GM.

    And I don’t think increased price will be a big issue. People will pony up the $$$ if it’s good.

  8. People.. realize that this is the “Prevue” concept and not what will be delivered in 2008. If the new Aura is any hint, the agressiveness will be toned down for “our” more moderate tasts in NA. I hope not. BTW – my Honda powered vue is bar far the smoothest thing I ever drove from GM that was under $35K.

  9. Johnson said…
    Lexus build quality from an entry-level SUV? Some of you people need a reality check.

    hey buddy i’m in reality. Why do u think toyota is going to surpass GM, because the qaulity of their vechiles. If saturn goes beyond the quality expectations of people. They will sell cars especially with their excting european designs. I’m not saying to put the materials of a gx470 on a saturn, just build the thing with qaulity. dumbass

  10. Woah kids, just calm down. You mentioned specifically Lexus build quality, and I simply called you on it. Simply having “quality” compared to “Lexus build quality” is two different things.

  11. I don’t think it needs a “Lexus quality” interior to sell.
    But it does need to be better than the current one.

  12. the toyota rav 4 doesnt have a Lexus quality interior why should this car, for that matter techincally no toyota which is why they are toyotas not lexus. people are not that stupid to pay the extra money for a lexus, and it is the same quality as a toyota……this car just needs to have good quality, better than the vue, and it should be fine.

  13. To Anonymous No. 4, I don’t come to Vince’s site because he is or isn’t first. I come because he encourages dialogue, joins it himself, and has passion for his subject.
       As to the Antara, it is certainly nicer looking than the Frontera, and I would even say better than the Captiva.

  14. I just hope GM doesn’t mangle this Opel design like they always seem to do (Malibu, anyone?)

    The new Saturn Aura is OK, but it already looks a little dated, so lets hope they get these Saturnized Opels over hear quickly before they get stale.

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