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At least from these illustration, it looks like Toyota might go after the Mercedes CLS with the redesigned Crown sedan.
The Crown shares a lot with our Lexus GS model, so it could never make it over here.
It’s kind of too bad.
it would make a great Avalon…

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  1. i really think its more s-class and actually reminds me of the last xg350 (hyaundai) at least you have easy access to the rear seats in this compared to the cls.

  2. only toyota ive ever liked, good job toyota, change this out for the lexus maxima gs, and than you have a real e class competitor

  3. ust imagine this as a $30 000 Avalon.
    I think it would scare a lot of the competition…

    It might just be a matter of time anyway. There will be a point when Toyota won’t be able to squeeze more and more power out of their engines and still use FWD.
    They will either have to use standard AWD, or go with RWD.

  4. didnt think the crown was on the same level as an avalon, i thought the crown was more some where either on the level of the ls, or in between the gs and ls. and didnt a version of the crown have japans only v12, dont think this would be an under $30,000 car… way at all, it would be nice even as a car above the ls with a v12 only. but they should bring this over as a lexus i would be interested, very original there isnt another luxury car this looks like at all.

  5. judging from the first pic it looks like its based on the ls, same kinda lights, door handles, windshield angle, and i think the crown is a true luxury car, not an avalon type of car, i thought it was the highest model that toyota sells toyota or lexus

  6. I believe its the Toyota Century that has the one V12 in the companies history.

    Its my understanding that the Crown is something like a $40,000 sedan with powerful V6/V8 powertrains. Not really in the same bracket as the Avalon.

    Lastly, I don’t think this car is nearly rakish, stylish and nearly flashy enough to be taken seriously as a CLS competitor, and the GS has poor enough headroom as it is…

  7. It is based on the GS and uses the same engines.
    A hybrid will also be available later, just like the GS.

  8. the top illustration is obviously a photoshopped LS600h photo…look at the LED headlamps and the doors and rims etc.

  9. So much for these “illustrations”. The top as already said is a blatant photoshop of the LS600h.

    The bottom seems to be a hodge-podge photoshop of several different cars.

    I’d also like to point out the Crown was redesigned not to long ago, so don’t expect to see a new Crown so soon.

    The Crown is a midsize luxury sedan, and thus in many ways resembles the Lexus GS, but the Crown has a better interior and more features than the GS.

    Expect to see a new Toyota Century before a new Crown comes out.

  10. i open the site of toyota in japan and i found that they delete the Crown majesta already and the toyota land cruiser100= to toyota land cruiser salon in US and also land cruiser cygnus which named as lexus lx470 in US market and that means that those names will be redesigned so soon

  11. vulgar, cheap looking crap
    looks like a 3rd world wanabe luxury car
    cadillac and lincoln would love to compete with this crap

  12. I like the Caddy grille. But really, this thing looks like a derivative and slapped-together design. Thumbs down.

  13. This car is beautiful. I never knew Toyota could design something that didn’t look plasticky and that was as good-looking as an Italian car. I think this car looks kind of like the Maybach and that Toyota should bring it over here as the top-of-the-line Lexus. What a waste of design it would be to not bring it over here to the States. If they did, no one would ever question Toyota’s styling ability again.

  14. the first pix… obviosuly a new LS photoshop with Crown Athlete grill =.=” but let’s hope it’s coming to Canada/US

  15. OK there is a blatant giveaway that the top photo has nothing to do with the bottom… look at the shape of the taillights of the top photo… and look and the taillights on the bottom… see a difference?

  16. Actually, I think Mercedes-Benz went after Japanese Toyota sales with the CLS. The four-door hardtop has been a staple of Japanese automaker line-ups for years, and granted, while the CLS is not pillarless, it apes the styling.

  17. Its a poor mans CLS with hints of a cadillac front end. If this is the best they have I see GM gaining market share.

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