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Nissan just revised their US minivan in order to make it a bit more conservative and boost sale.
I wonder if they should just send over this new Presage model.
It uses the same 3.5 Liter engine, and actually looks more like a minivan version of the Murano.

Would this one work better here?

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  1. Not with those horrible taillights it wouldn’t. I HATE it when carmakers position the taillights vertically along the d-pillars like that… ie this, the cr-v, volvo wagons, lexus gx, most euro wagons and suvs, ford focus hatch… its BUTT ugly.

  2. I agree… it reminds me of another car that has those kinds of taillights and the same profile and shape of this van, the old chevy lumina van and pontiac montana. UGLY.

  3. Hey, besides the taillights, it looks like this could be a serious competitor against Toyota&Honda&Hyundai products.

    I always liked Nissan’s idea of innovation

  4. Its the front of a Murano and the read of a Mitsubishi Lancer wagon. I… don’t hate it… I prefered their pre-face lifted van, what with its unique center stack and almost mean appearance, the belt line, etc.

    The reason this isn’t sold in America is because it doesn’t fit with what we think of when we think of vans: huge, slow, poor handling, and boxy.

  5. Maybe make some very small changes here and there, but I’m for it Vince. The one out now is an uger
    and have reliabilty issues coming out of Minn, USA.

  6. Soon the term “Mini Van” will no longer be politically correct!!!Hopefully the next Nissan ‘Crossover’ vehicle will be built in Mexico to avoid any quality issues they have been having with the domestic built ones!!! Long Live the Mexican Revolution!!!

  7. The best thing about the Presage is that the slide door windows roll down all the way just like the new Honda Odysey. Nissan has a bad habbit of coming out with new ideas but never putting them into production untill someone else has. The Presage is a lot smaller than the new Quest to.

  8. It seems to me they’re trying to Ford Focus, Honda CRV, Toyota Siena all in one package. And these front grill designs have got to go! Where is the inspiration?
    Nissan should do what Isuzu did, forget that segment. Or until they can completely master the art of designing mini van without Renault ugly cut and paced designs.

  9. Wonderful!!!!!, what a gorgeous van, sexy, if you can say that about a van. Yes, very Muranoish! Bring it here now, but with an optional 4WD/AWD system. That’s what we need here. Is anybody listening at Nissan?

  10. While it’s conventional interior layout and large size are attributes that would do well here, the overall awkward and gawky shape wouldn’t. What ‘s going on with Nissan’s designers?

  11. In our world, there’s two markets.
    One for the U.S. and one for the rest of the world. U.S. one’s is the most conservative…and not very interesting on design.

  12. why two minivans for nissan. don’t they already have a quest? unless this will replace the quest because the quest was so avant-gard for its time 🙂

  13. reminds me of the dear honda stream MPV of not too long ago…if nissan sold this model in the u.s., it would make a very good competitor to the toyota estima

  14. this is an overall great design! i like how some auto makers have those tailights on the pillars it makes the car more interesting to look at from behind. this is what nissan should have imported as the Quest minivan. and fyi on the mexican built sentra’s and versa’s i work for a nissan dealership and i have to say that quality from that mexican plant isn’t all that! i prefer the cars that are built in japan and the ones fro smyrna, tn. overall this design is unique inside and outside!

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