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Well, that was quick.
The first official pictures of the all new smal Corsa.
I think it looks much better than even the uncovered prototypes did yesterday.

And as we pretty much all agree here, this would make quite an amzing small car for Saturn.

This interior would put the Yaris to shame….

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  1. why do many of the opel hatchback rears look murano-esque?? anyways, looks awesome interior still not up to par though

  2. Best part about that interior is the lack of a center guage cluster.

    The rear haunches are really mean looking. Thats one of the first I’ve seen on a hatchback.

    The super steep windshield angle, and c-pillar detail make it looks sorta like a really really small MB R-Class to me.

  3. I was more impressed with this car in the other pictures.

    I don’t understand why Vince thinks these cars have really nice interiors when they don’t. Honestly, and I live in the UK, the Hyundai Accent has a nicer interior than these cars. The thing is, though, is that Opel is really good at placing accents around the cabin. They splash a little aluminum here, or there, and it looks nice in pictures…but in reality, it isn’t that nice, or even nice at all, in real life.

    Still though, this car is more than just ACCEPTABLE. It is pretty good, even without luxury car appointments. They should offer it. iPod stereos?? hmm, that’d be cool!

  4. Anonymous said…
    the yaris interior looks better than that crap.. your getting too excited about this car

    How can anyone say the interior on yaris is nicer than the corsa. U’ve gotta be stoned or something to say that. Especailly with that center mounted cluster on the yaris.

  5. The only thing off the yaris i liked was the graded shifter. Other than that the car is just ugly and a POS.

  6. the yaris interior looks better than that crap.. your getting too excited about this car

    okay i take it back… they both look like crap

  7. Nice detailing on the exterior though the interior is what I expect from this class design-wise. Still, not a bad looking car and sure to help Opel. Sharper than Fiesta or Polo.
       My earlier concern—that this looked too much like a mini-Astra and didn’t continue a Corsa style—is not as strong now. The C-pillar, for instance, reminds me a bit of the Corsa B (a.k.a. Vauxhall Corsa Mk I) in its contrast between window angle and rear hatch rake.

  8. The problem is this car in Europe is priced higher than the Yaris by a noticeable amount. If GM were to import this into the US as a Saturn, it would definitely be priced higher than the 11K US base price of the Yaris.

    A “Saturn Corsa” would be more in line price-wise with the Nissan Versa, or even the Toyota Matrix.

    This thing in the US will barely sell, and GM’s initial estimates about the Astra prove it. When the Astra is imported here in the next 1 -2 years, GM only expects annual sales of 20 – 40K.

    So far, every single model GM has imported from Europe has been a slow seller here in the US, or has flopped.

    The Astra and Corsa are European models made for European tastes.

    Even Toyota’s Yaris is not really suited all that well for the US market, but it will have decent sales because of it’s rock bottom price and fuel economy.

  9. You are probably right, Johnson, given the high value of the euro as well. However, I wonder if a stripped-down Astra would be more competitive. Just a thought.
       For the Astra to do well, we need to assume (a) eventual market homogeneity and (b) an assumption that Americans will want a premium compact as tastes converge with those of Europe. Convention says that (b) won’t happen but I look at the Mini and wonder. (I know: the Mini is far more emotive than any Opel hatchback, no matter how well and creatively designed.)

  10. I guess Minis are mostly sold in the big cities along the coasts (i don´t live there so i can´t tell for sure) – but hard to imagine some redneck trading in his FOrd F series for a mini 😉
    (same goes for an astra)

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