Pontiac Solstice wagon

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German company EDAG built this prototype. They basically took out the trunk lid and attached a new roof/hatch piece to the top of the windshield.
There are now rumors that GM might be interested in offering this version alongside the convertible.
That would be great, but they already don’t make enough cars to meet the demand on the Sky/Solstice/Opel GT and the new Daewoo version. And Chevy will have a Solstice based Stingray soon.

Can’t they tell they have a good thing here. How about making more?

In other related good new for GM. The new Impala seems to be a very good seller and will avoid the cancelation of a 3rd shift in the factory. Saving hundreds of jobs.

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  1. i think a coupe, and sedan based on this platform would be good. kinda like infiniti and the g35, and 350. make it a low end cadillac to compete with the tsx, and s40

  2. I like the 2004 Nomad concept better.

    Vince, if you could find pics of that, would you consider posting them for comparison – that thing was HOTT

  3. I’d be surprised if Pontiac could sell a single one of these things. The point of the Solstice is that it’s an inexpensive ROADSTER. What’s the point of this?

  4. Gm is goign to kill sales of this by having one too many of the same damn thang. Gm said they were going to stop doing rebadging. This car should have been unique to only Pontiac! Now Chevy gets a version WTF!!!!!!!!

  5. …I thought the “Stingray” was cancelled….along with the Saab Sonett version of the Solstice.


    Anyway, 3 cheers for the Impala!!

  6. The only way they can make more of these cars if they add another paint station in the plant, currently the plant can only paint 7 cars an hour, so they need to invest 10-25 million more for another paint area, and gee they cant decide if its worth the cost, and yet another version of this kappa may come soon (stingray) typical assanine decision making on GM’s part !

  7. GM has money for this? They certainly shouldn’t attempt to make an ugly car out of a pretty one!

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